Xavier woods feels disrespected after Thomas persuit

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by SoupcanSam, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. Cannibal_Cowboy

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    First off , X has done nothing at all to gain respect. He's been a very average safety in this league.
    He doesn't get interceptions, cause fumbles, get tackles behind the line, or even have bone-jarring hits with any consistency. Playmakers get respect, and so far that's not you.

    Second, if he's already crying about being disrespected then he's absolutely in the wrong profession. This is a man's league, not the place for whiney nobodies.

    X, you need to grow a pair or let them down from where you've been tucking them in. Then you need to start playing better. Until you do that no one is ever going to take you seriously.
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  2. SoupcanSam

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    I gotta admit that was funny.

    I am ready for the hardware though.......any minute now:rolleyes:
  3. Hennessy_King

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    He needs to get out his feels
  4. Streetwise

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    Don't they play different positions?
  5. OmerV

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    He’s also been an elite NFL player for a number of years, and it’s no secret NFL teams like to have top players. Plus, the break, as I understand it, was one that was not supposed to be difficult to repair or heal.

    That said, I understand the idea of ET being signed would be hard for him to take. No player should like the possibility of losing their position.

    In any case, a boatload of Cowboy fans have been pushing for ET for a year now, so it’s a bit odd to think fans would shift gears and treat pursuing ET as disrespectful.
  6. Sydla

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    I don't necessarily mind him feeling slighted. Turn that into motivation, Xavier.

    But as noted earlier, he makes it sound like they told him one thing and then did the opposite. If, and I stress the word "if" the Cowboys front office told him he was their startingFS and then went and tried to trade for Thomas, that's kind of doofus move.
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  7. starfan1

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    I do agree with part of this. grow a set this is the NFL and its a business some of the players nowadays are such whiny butts . The part that i question is I was never one who thought all this ET pursuit was necessary. The upgrade from my understanding was going to be for Heath anyway not Woods. His play could improve but I have always thought that he is a good building block. We in my opinion never needed ET it was fabricated by ET himself and ran with by the fans and media.

    and every time Heath took a poor angle or did something boneheaded like in the playoffs fans clamored even more for the guy. I am so glad his saga is done. Now the question is who is replacing Heath because that is the only necessity of this whole fiasco.
  8. America's Cowboy

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    Jeff Heath had more tackles and passes defensed than Xavier Woods. Does that count for something?
  9. SoupcanSam

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    No I dont think that, woods thinks that. But at the same time I understand where woods is coming from.

    Just because I feel a certain way about Earl doesnt mean I will bash woods comments.

    Both guys imo has the right of way regardless if woods is just starting out.
  10. SoupcanSam

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    Heath has more experience to get a leg up on woods but at the same time heath should be playing better with the experience he possesses.

    Just saying. Heath stats are still not impressive.

    I expect more out of woods with the same amount of experience.
  11. cern

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    good players do not cry about competition. they embrace the idea and rise to the challenge. a few years ago the seahawks signed a qb to be their starter for pretty good money. 3rd round pick Russell Wilson came to camp and won the job.
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  12. Scotman

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    They take several minutes of interview and cut out the sentence or two that helps create a narrative. He probably does feel some measure of disrespect because there's a guy out there that might be better. I would be worried a whole lot more if Woods was OK with potentially being replaced at this point in his career.
  13. Scotman

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    This exactly.
  14. DallasCowboysRule!

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    A lot of thin skinned babies on this team. This is a business folks. If you don’t want to be replaced then be better at your job.
  15. Baileyneverfailey

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    I like Woods, I think he has a chance to be a good starter, but if he feels disrespected because the team did the right thing of looking to upgrade his position with an elite player, he needs to learn how this game works. If he wants to not have his position be in jeopardy, he better take another step and become much more of an impact player.
  16. OmerV

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    While I agree Heath’s stats aren’t impressive, they aren’t really unimpressive either. He’s had 4 INTs in his 2 years starting, which I is ordinary, but he doesn’t really get burned deep and he is active in run support (3rd leading tackler on the team last year behind LVE and Smith). I’m all for an upgrade, but I don’t think Heath is the bottom of the NFL barrel guy some make him out to be.
  17. risco

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  18. SoupcanSam

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    Like I said the cowboys forced the issue with heath so he was gonna have some stats. It's the samething they tried to do with Swaim.

    Do I think he should have been starting.....nope.

    I know it's what we have but we could have had better if Dallas not sat on their hands.
  19. Outlaw Heroes

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    Sounds like the team has Woods right where we want him. Seems eager to prove everyone wrong. Not such a bad thing that he feels disrespected in the circumstances.
  20. OmerV

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    I’m not sure what you mean by “forced the issue”, but the team can’t cover and tackle for him.

    Again, not highly impressive stats, but not bottom of the barrel stats either. Look at some of the free agent names that have floated around. Joyner, Vaccaro, even Landon Collins. Statistically Heath was right with them last year.

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