Xavier Woods is awful

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by J12B, Dec 6, 2019.

  1. Creeper

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    When are Antuan Woods, Heath and LVE returning? I am curious to see if the defense improves and how much when they get back.
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  2. slick325

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    The entire tenor of this defense would have been different all season IF the Jones boys had signed ET29. I think Xavier Woods would have benefited from having the playmaker and defensive leader back there with him. Oh well...
  3. SiCk_DiAbLo

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    Woods was getting smoked some much, all was left was the ashes....

    DEMFAN Active Member

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    Man I was thinking the same damn thing! This guy is stealing checks!
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  5. CF74

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    And Wilson the play making safety rots on the bench....
  6. BotchedLobotomy

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    He's not as bad as he looked last night.
  7. starfan1

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    honestly anyone not names Lewis ,Jones or Heath in this defensive backfield is horrible and of those 3 the only ones I would keep is lewis and Jones at a reasonable rate. If he wants to break the bank let him go.We can replace his 2 career int's

    Alot of it is schematic because they all are flawed and have regressed it has something to do with Marinelli and Richards system.
  8. stilltheguru

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    If earl thomas were here would we be 7-5? 8-4?
  9. basstapp

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    Jaylon Smith, Xavier Woods & Chibode were terrible last night.
  10. starfan1

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    Im not certain of that but perhaps. I think we can attribute losses to the kicker and special teams, QB ,the secondary and the biggest culprit there is Awuzi, and lets not forget the LB's
  11. BoysForLife

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    Jeff Heath was the big winner for the Cowboys last night by not suiting up. As bad as he gets bagged on, it's very evident how much he is missed whenever he's not on the field
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