Your All Time Overrated Draft Pet Cats

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Bobhaze, Apr 28, 2022.

  1. Carson

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    I don’t think Spencer was a bad player. 33 sacks, one pro bowl year. Could be much worse like taco Charlton lol
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  2. Typhus

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    Spencer was just a specific pic, I hated the Taco pic and knew it was a mistake.
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  3. stiletto

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    I thought Felix Jones was going to be good for a long time. He fizzled pretty bad.
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  4. sunalsorises

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    I've seen him throw a baseball. I'm not sure he was athletic enough to do anything other than run in a straight line very fast.
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  5. sunalsorises

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    I'm going to go a little outside of the box and say Randy Moss. I'm not sure if Dallas had taken him the team would have been much better. He would have played with Irvin for one year, maybe, and Aikman for 2, I think. He would have been in year 5 by the time Parcells got there.
  6. SinceDayOne

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    No doubt the all time winner for this thread is a guy name Bill Thomas. He was the first round draft pick out of Boston College in 1972.

    Let me set the stage. The Cowboys won their first SB in 1971. Brandt, Schramm, Landry and Company had been on an absolute drafting roll racking up quality drafts almost every year. Thomas had the size and he had been really good in college. We all had high hopes and expectations for him. But he also had a badly injured shoulder in college which he hurt again in training camp. His cowboy career consisted of two (2) kickoff returns in the 8th game of the '72 season. He was waived after that one season.

    As a footnote the Cowboy's second round pick in '72 was Robert Newhouse.
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  7. Bobhaze

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    Great example. Bill Thomas has to be one of the biggest draft duds in HOFer Gil Brandt’s long career. Let’s also remember two other duds a few years later, the vastly overrated corner we drafted first in ‘76- Aaron Kyle and DE Larry Bethea in 78. Both were out of the league in 5 seasons.
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  8. The Realist

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    Bobby Carpenter and Gabe Watson
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  9. Bullflop

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    Hate to admit that I had the same misgiving -- man, was that ever a disappointment when the truth came to light. :facepalm:

    I had high hopes for Bobby Carpenter, as well, although my admiration didn't last so long! He fizzled in short order. :oops:
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  10. Whyjerry

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    Great post. I will throw Stanback and Escobar on the list. Stanback was supposed to be the greatest athlete of all time. Guy did nothing. Escobar was going to catch 80 balls a year and be a red zone demon. Guy was the worst 2nd round pick of all time.
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  11. Hagman

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    Oh, if we're going old school, then dishonorable mention goes to Jim Jensen. Second round pick in '76 whom the Cowboys envisioned, as I recall, as a running back/tight end. Don't think he had a yard passing or receiving during his year on the team.

    They did put him on special teams, and the one memory I have of him is from a Monday night football game where the announcers blasted him for having no lateral movement at all on a return. I guess Landry had seen that too and the next year traded him to Denver.
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  12. Motorola

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    Bobhaze bestowed some "medical knowledge" I wasn't aware of....there is a post-draft "variant" of PCD in addition to the "main strain" that occurs during training camp.
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  13. Motorola

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    Don't forget Jameill Showers - longest tenured pet cat in franchise history.
    May 2015 to September 2019.
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  14. Coogiguy03

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    Can't stand it haze, show us the BAD plays this player has. There's always the strength and weaknesses to a players scouting report, these weaknesses need to be on the highlight film so we know what we're getting ourselves into!!

    Seeing guys wide open on every video or sacking a QB etc, means nothing if all the other plays they were lazy etc
  15. OmerV

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    He doesn't fit the topic because he wasn't drafted, but I thought he had the potential to at least be a decent backup. He was a good kick returner for a few years.
  16. Madtowner

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    What about Darius Jackson, RB out of E. Michigan. Seem to remember a few people on here thinking he was a steal in the 2016 draft.
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  17. MarkP88

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    I remember being absolutely psyched about Danny Noonan and Ron Francis in '87...little did I know that our best players from that draft would be Kelvin Martin and Kevin Gogan.
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  18. SinceDayOne

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    Brandt and the guys had their misses. So did Jimmy Johnson. As have Jones and Son. And all have had their good moments. Johnson and Landry were able to overcome the misses and work with the success stories and win on the field. Jones and Son and their "coaches" seem to lack that ability.
  19. nalam

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    In recent times this.

    we all got roped in some of the past ones like matt J, rico G and a few others who I can’t remember, too early to start drinking ? Lol
  20. CoachD

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    Here's a few of mine....
    Robert Levette - They called him Mr. August because he only saw playing time in the pre-season.
    Kendell Watkins- Just a massive human being who was supposed to be a glorified tackle at TE but was nothin.
    Eric Bjornson- Was supposed to be the heir apparent to Novacek BAHAHAHAH nope.
    Dana Howard- The guy was awesome in college but turned out to be another dud.
    Markus Steele - What a great name for a linebacker, should have been named Markus made of Glass.
    Antonio Bryant- The guy could have been great but a major headcase.
    Julius Jones - Had an awesome first year on a really bad team then when the Cowboys got better he got worse.
    and last but certainly not least....
    Bobby Carpenter - I called the pick because I knew Parcells liked him but boy did he suck and I mean he goes down as one of the top ten worst first-round picks of all time by the Cowboys.

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