Your "What am I missing?" players?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by tm1119, Mar 4, 2021.

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    Making this thread to see if it sparks some debate/discussion- Post some players you see getting praised that you've watched and were a little confused about what everyone else is seeing. If possible don't just post "player X sucks", at least attempt to say why so others can debate. Or possible (doubtful) that there is a consensus and the player is indeed overrated.

    My 1st player-

    Richie Grant, S UCF- So far from what I've seen of Grant is a S that possesses some good traits of both a FS and SS, but no outstanding traits for either position.
    -I'd say he's adequate in man coverage, but not someone you want to see left on an island routinely with legit receiving threats at either TE or slot WR.
    -He's pretty good in deep 1/2 zone, but not the ballhawking sideline to sideline single high FS you look for.
    -Fairly solid tackler and can hold his own in the box, but not a dynamic playmaker or hitter. Also slightly undersized at barely 200 lbs to live in that world in the NFL.

    So the question remains- What am I missing? What skillset does Grant bring to the table that is going to make him a good starter at either FS or SS?

    Richie Grant (UCF SAF #27) vs Memphis 2020 - YouTube
    Richie Grant (UCF DB #27) Vs. Cincinnati 2020 - YouTube

    Please add your own and/or debate mine
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    Grant isn’t a special talent. Moehrig I believe is quite a bit better, but the truth is no Safety in this class strikes me as special. Grant is a very good prospect. He does a lot of things well. And he is one of the guys in this class that I think that has the smarts, instincts, and range to handle single high responsibilities. He is worthy of consideration in round 2, but this team could go in any direction.
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  3. cheyennes

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    Wiggins FS Cincinnati
    Tariq FS San Diego St.
  4. KingintheNorth

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    I'm with you on Grant.

    I see guys I like/trust..Brugler, Cavanaugh...going on about him so I think "I must be missing it" and rewatch games. Then, I still don't see it.

    Not seeing a top 50 player.
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  5. cnuball21

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    I love the player and think he’s going to be a solid pro but the talk of top 10 doesn’t make sense to me as I think he’s an average NFL athlete for CB standards. More polished version of Diggs IMO.
  6. McKDaddy

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    His draft position is going to have a big impact on how the first round plays out. Does position importance and a high floor get him drafted in the top 10 to 12 or does he drop to mid - late teens?
  7. Future

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    Pretty sure you could say the same things about Moehrig. He has reps where he gets beat too...

    The biggest issue with Grant is that he's so old lol
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    If you ever want to see a good 3 part mini series I suggest Grant on the History channel. They said in the series that George Washington might be the father of our country but Grant was the savior.
  9. Aven8

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    Mine is still Trevor Lawrence. He’s played with all star talent and yet something is missing for me. Ive said it a hundred times but Watson was better at Clemson with less talent. He lifted the team around him.
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  10. CalPolyTechnique

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    Rashawn Slater.

    Think he’ll have to play inside ultimately.
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  11. cnuball21

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    I really, really hope he gets drafted ahead of us so I don't have to worry about it.
  12. RS12

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    Fields. Inconsistent in college usually means more inconsistent in the league.
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  13. Teague31

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    Parsons. He’s Jaylon 2.0. Great physical tools (pre injury on Jaylon of course), but zero instincts.
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  14. beware_d-ware

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    Alex Leatherwood still seems closer to a 5th round pick to me than a 1st round pick. Dude plays with cement feet.

    And speaking of Bama, I don't get it with Mac Jones either. He's a limited physical talent, so you'll hear words like "accuracy", "pocket awareness", and "game manager" being thrown around. But the guy stood in squeaky-clean pockets behind a wall of future NFL linemen (there's better guys on that OL than Leatherwood) and hit wide-open throws to future NFL receivers in blowout games. In the words of Office Space, "what would you say you really do here..." He's AJ McCarron with a better stat line.
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  15. Zekeats

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    Fields, Lance, Grant, Horn
  16. Creeper

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    I am with you on this one. He looks like Connor Williams 2.0 to me. I really don't see a lot of players in this draft that are what I consider sure things, not among the QBs and not any other position. They all have flaws that could derail their paths to Canton. Add to that some of the top players sat out the season and this has to be the most uncertain draft in a while.

    When I play with the mocks, I look at who is available and I want to accept all the trades! LOL. I want to see if I can wind up with every pick in the 7th round! Joking of course, but I still may try it.
  17. tm1119

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    With Wiggins I would say look at his 2018 tape where he looked great. After missing all of 2019 I don’t think it’s too crazy to give a guy a break if he didn’t look as sharp coming back in the weird covid affected year. As long as his knee is healthy I think he’s well worth a risk because of the talent level...not before the 4th tho
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  18. tm1119

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    I think Leatherwood will make a good starting RT for a run heavy team. I agree he doesn’t have the feet for LT tho

    And I don’t think it’s crazy to question Jones either. As we saw with Tua, the throwing windows are MUCH different between Bama and NFL. And I agree when the 1st thing talked about are intangibles and not elite physical traits...that player isn’t a top 10 player. Although i could see him being successful if he were to slide some and land in a place like Pitt where he can be groomed into a system QB.
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  19. unionjack8

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    Kwitty paye.
    I just don't see a top edge guy on the games I watched. Can't put my finger on it, and he's rising upboards and I've gone back to try to find it.
    I should stick to gin.....
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  20. tm1119

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    We can argue about the instincts, he is still fairly new to the position in terms of games played. Although I will say if you watch his 2019 tape he progressed a lot in terms of instincts as the season went on, his bowl game was a thing of beauty. But with all that said...even if you say the instincts aren’t great the comparison to Jaylon is way off because of physicality. Jaylon has always avoided and Parsons absolutely doesn’t. That’s a huge difference when you’re talking about a LB.

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