Zeke has one more season in Dallas

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by RomoIsGod, Jan 17, 2022.

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    Can't cut him yet. Cap hit is too big. Feature Tony Pollard next season and have Zeke the change of pace back.

    I'll say this. Zeke, on his end was brilliant for holding out to get his contract. Had he played on the current contract at the time, he would have never gotten another big contract like he did in Dallas. Kudos to him but it hurt Dallas in the long run.
  2. black label

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    one leg insurance
  3. Darkhound

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    Not going to happen.
    This organization us ran by idots who think they know how to be GMs
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  4. Aftershock

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    He was performing well before the PCL tear. Let’s wait and see how he trains/recovers in the off season
  5. Blake

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    I already felt old when Dak and Zeke were just young bucks coming into the league. Now having watched their careers progress and then peak. Now I really feel old.
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  6. America's Cowboy

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    Zeke is physically worn down. He's nothing like he was 4-6 years ago. Breaking franchise records his first couple of years by rushing for the most carries has taken its toll on Zeke. If he was willing to take a paycut, Cowboys should keep him as a backup after next season. If he refuses, 2022 might be his last year in Dallas.
  7. vig454

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    Zeke peaked early on in his career but JJ will not give up on him. We know this coming year Zeke will be the featured back because JJ falls in love with the players no matter their pathetic performance.
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  8. Cowfan75

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    He might have a few good games left in him if we ever had coach with some authority during his career here. You know, someone to tell him he's not playing in meaningless games, or when he's hurt.
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    GORICO Well-Known Member

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    totally ticks me off we caved into zeke---he has never played well since...his numbers and average go down every year and i know he plays hurt and i know he has warrior heart....but he is washed up...there are

    very few generational rushers...for instance "Barry Sanders" averaged...i mean averaged over a 10 year span 1500 yds a season and he retired still in his prime....no running back could continually perform at such

    a high rate also considering he did not have good O lines to run behind either.....that dude was generational...another generational RB was Adrian Peterson.....6 years into his career he had one of the worst

    devestating knee injuries and one year later he came back and came within 9 yard or so of breaking single season rushing record and played high level well past 10 years...he was generational....maybe also

    Emmit Smith was gernerational along with a few others but very very rare an RB can come into the league and be as every bit as good year 7 as year 1....and Zek is no exception he has lost speed and wiggle

    and strength....and he has not even played 6 full seasons,,,,,,so what if we eat his money....we got to cut him and get another RB in draft or elevate the dude on injured reserve who is so so good to be our #2

    behind Pollard...Pollard does not have a lot of wear and tear and he is extremely fast and great wiggle and strong....but Zeke has to go no matter what it costs us because he is holding back running game
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  10. GORICO

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    he is washed up...as a bell cow that is for sure....lets move on eat the money to teach us a lesson ..only pay second contract to generational RB's...i would pay Polard because he does not have wear and tear

    and he is worth a second contract and elevate
    cut Zeke eat money make Polard #1 rb and Rico Dowdle #2....and we will be so good and also draft one in draft we will be one of the best running teams in league total promise
  11. GORICO

    GORICO Well-Known Member

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    we can cut him and eat the money to teach us lesson dont ever pay a non generational rb a second contract....now we can pay Pollard second one because he is so good and little wear and tear playing behind Zeke

    elevate Rico Dowdle and we will have best tandom in league bar none...plus get one in draft...then hire a dude that can scheme up like shanahan where you cant stop the run no matter how hard you try and then

    Dak throw darts to our receivers.....we will win a lot of games...then when playoffs come....all we can hope for is we fired the crummy coaches and got good ones to get us over hump....we can never get over hump

    its so embarrassing
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  12. StuckMojo

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    The ‘ol myth of Barry Sanders not having good lines.
    Zeke isn’t holding back the running game, Moore is holding back the running game!!
  13. Hawkeye0202

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  14. ATXSRT

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    Zeke was injured most of the year, I think he plays 1 more year and we either trade him or release him.
  15. RonWashington

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    Zeke was in good shape coming into the season and the issue is Pollard is not a 18 carries a game back in this league. Plus Pollard is a FA after next season . One will be gone after next season from wear & tear the other will be gone after contract expires no reason to over pay Pollard to stay,

    Said this for months Cowboys should draft someone in the first four rounds ( quality back ) they carry into the season to help this position with fresh legs that actually contributes. Corey Clement should have been utilized more this season especially when Pollard went down but the position needs a long term upgrade .
  16. DallasDW00ds0n

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    It is what it is, on a positive note, he blocked better than our tackles
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  17. Cmac

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    While the threads continue to roll on Zeke......can we examine the offense and the OL once at for all.......just to be fair?

    SF crushed the manhood, most of the time on a 4-man rush.
    Middle of the OL was manhandled often, to the point of embarrassment
    Dak drop backs had him under attack, often
    OC known to abandon the run game, almost immediately
    OC has not shown any innovation beyond trickery and prefers the Boise State finesse approach
    OC approach to opponents......"I'll adjust to them, instead of opponent adjusting to us."
    Offense has lost any attempt for smashmouth football, even inside the 5 yd line.
    TPollard skills on the table are ignored routinely in the game plan
    Both RBs shuffled more than a deck of cards, completely ignoring the hot hand
    Unhealthy Zeke been forced to place his knee on the line for weeks, to no avail and at the expense of TPollard play
    OC NEVER had a run game on the docket in his game plans, even when stats about the run game translate wins
    OC attempting to make Dak the feature when the stats and results don't measure success

    Somebody needs to show this to Moore, Philbin, Nussmeier, and Peete
  18. morasp

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    Good plan, and while you're at it cut all of the offensive starters and rebuild, the majority of our cap space is tied up there and the defense carried the team this year. Give me a break, he was the seventh leading rusher with 4,2 yards per carry and 47 receptions for 6.1 yards per catch while limping around with a knee brace on. Hopefully he continues to recover and comes back full strength next year.
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2022
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  19. b0xZZ

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    makes me appreciate Emmitt even more. Emmitt was a great running back but more than anything his durability was what amazed me. They just don’t make them like that anymore, safe to say his record is safe.
  20. CowboyoWales

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    Yep, the bottom line is that he's not worth the CAP amount now.

    As you say, he's already worn down and once the injuries and diminishing dynamism start it tends to follow only one path.

    For the production he gives we can draft a one dimensional inside runner in the middle rounds of the 2022 or 2023.
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