Twitter: Zeke tore his PCL earlier in the season

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Parcells4Life, Jan 16, 2022.

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    After that greedy slob held out for even more … oh well.
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    Zeke situation is on the coaches. Big Mike/Kellen/Skip Pete job is to put the best player on field. Their saying a Zeke running around on a PCL injury is better than a healthier Pollard and 100% Clement. The staff didn't put the team first imho.
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    Geez and I thought he had a peg leg and was wearing concrete shoes.
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    That's Kellen Moore for you. He is the worst OC we have had in a very long time.
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    Why do people appreciate his toughness? He literally hurt this team down the stretch. He knows he is on the decline and did not want Pollard to show how declining he really was. He wanted those 1,000 yards. That's it. He didn't care if his tea suffered in the process. We had zero run game much of this year because of him.

    And how about the coaching staff knowing this and still featuring him all year, especially in a do or die playoff game?

    Joke of a franchise.
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    You people disgust me. Ungrateful
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    I have no idea how Pollard was playing with that injury, but you couldn't really tell he was injured. You could definitely tell Zeke was injured. Either way, I'm agreeing with other posters. This is on the coaching staff.

    The reason we feel such vitriol towards our highly paid stars is that it felt like they held the franchise hostage until we paid them and then haven't perform up to their contracts. I guess we could also argue that it is management's fault for handing out said contracts.

    Dak - looked like he was earning every penny of his contract until his calf injury...then something flipped inside him mentally. The latter part of the season, he has not been playing like a 40 million dollar QB, but let's not forget that we thought he had a shot at league MVP at the beginning of the season; such a strange dichotomy.

    Zeke - 100% has not lived up to his contract. He wasn't horrible at the beginning of the season, but not worth his contract.

    DLaw - yah...right bro.

    Cooper - Dak/Moore might have more to do with this than Cooper, but what the heck happened here? One of the best route runners I've ever seen, but we can't get him the ball in crunch time? Whose fault is that?
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    This exactly................remember Jerry saying on the radio a while back that he looked forward to Zeke handling the load in the playoffs.

    They knew he had a torn PCL and kept trotting him out there because he got paid. Didnt matter that Zeke tore up his knee, he got paid and Jerry said "play him".

    Jerry was more concerned over getting something for the money he paid then what was actually best for the team.
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    Jerry will tell you exactly how he just have to pay attention. I have so many friends who don't believe Jerry would "force" something like this. But that is because they are not REALLY paying attention. Did Jerry drag Zeke on the field? No! But he made it clear he EXPECTS Zeke to suck it up. So even if the coaches wanted to bench him...Jerry was not going to allow it
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    Don't play a guy who has a torn PCL unless you hate results. This franchise is just stupid, money is their GOD, not winning.
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    If I'm Billionaire Jerry, I bite the bullet on Zeke/Dak/Lawrence. I cut Dak/Zeke and Lawrence if I can't find a trade partner, and I draft Dak's replacement. Eat those salaries Jones, you said you would pay the price to win a chip. Put your money where your loud mouth is then.
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    Just one more reason why Pollard should have been their featured back today, not Zeke.

    The coaching staff really dropped the ball at LG and RB and they were 1 and done because of it.

    Sad because they had legitimate options with Pollard and Collins to try to resolve those issues too.
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    The fact that yet another billionaire has snowed regular folks into believing he cares about anything else more than money really does make this America’s Team.
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    Next season needs to be Zeke's last season. He's washed. Draft another RB this or next year and use Pollard til he's washed. Good RBs can be had in the 3rd or later rounds.
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    On the coaches. Pay attention people. Pay attention. Jerry said "I EXPECT Zeke to carry the load" The coaches were not going to be ALLOWED to bench him. Jerry tells you exactly how his mind just have to pay attention
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    I had pretty bad planta fascia. God, I couldn't imagine playing on something like that. One of the most excruciating pains I have ever felt.
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