Twitter: Zeke's rookie burst is back

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Risen Star, May 13, 2022 at 1:24 PM.

  1. Zekeats

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    Better than ever.
  2. blueblood70

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    if you haven't noticed its the NFL, the injuries aren't a zeke thing lmao..i mean have you checked the teams injury lists? Ravens lost like 6 starters before game 2 happens. It actually happens to college players and oh wait HS players who are much younger. Wait did i mention its FOOTBALL, we see players go down non contact in practices have horrific injuries in preseason games..

    all we can hope is he can manage to stay focusing on the present and moving forward not dwelling on the past and BTW Pollards missed as many games in 3 seasons as Zeke has in 8+ years goi back to college. He was banged up the last month as well..zekes fault??? blame the coaches again, how about the trainers LOL

    off with their heads.. i can not believe players get hurt in the nFL..shocking. Dak had 2 injuries in 2021 whole recovering form his major injury in i said Zekes tough he fought to stay on the field for his team and all he gets is hate..:facepalm::rolleyes::popcorn:
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  3. Ranched

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  4. Rayman70

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    if this is true, it would be the first time in human history that an NFL rb actually got faster with age. Im calling BS here.
  5. blueblood70

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    not hard to believe its straight line in shorts non pads and no defense running at you type data.. i see retired guys like TO etc still have close to their playing era speed at 40 yrs old..yes these are athletes Premium professionals that heal up over the offseason have fresh legs and yes its believable..
    doesn't mean anything come regular season game accepts zekes healthy and fresh. they said this last year showed video he was mocked but first 7 games he showed all the reports were correct..he was faster had some cut and wiggle back gut two injuries that took it all away,
  6. CoachD

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    Did he go to Cabo to get in shape again?
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  7. TheDude

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    If we play against stationary tackle dummies he may go for 12 yards
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  8. TheDude

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    How far is the race? 20 yards and zeke can fall forward and break the tape with that head
  9. Whyjerry

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    Lol yeah right. Didn’t we hear the same crap last year. I remember that stupid video.
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  10. Rayman70

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    last 3 years,exactly same thing every offseasn. The local team Fish, regurgitates the same shiet every year in May.
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  11. plasticman

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    Just great!

    Okay, what did he burst this time?
  12. tyke1doe

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    I heard how fast he can wave himself out of the game after a short run improved to 30 mph.
    Speed kills.
  13. charron

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    RB's typically look great to start the year....think he will still look good after 6 games?
  14. fivetwos

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    It's because of the contract, which he didn't give to himself.

    YPC is of course gonna get noticed when you're making 15 million, or whatever it is, but realistically they needed someone to pick up dudes ready to tear Daks head off on pass plays.

    His eventual replacement is going to need to have that same ability, and I was hoping to get that guy in the past draft, but it didn't happen.

    I think Malik Davis has a good shot to make the team as a 3rd down type of back. We haven't had that threat since Dunbar and that wrinkle would help overall IMO.
  15. StarChamber_33

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    This could very well be Zeke's final year as a Dallas Cowboy, so Rookie Burst or not, he will be running the ball with Extra determination and Added motivation..
  16. Floatyworm

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    A haircut and get rid of the stupid jewelry would do him a hell of a lot more. Time to grow up kid. :popcorn:
  17. VaqueroTD

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    Meh. Been hearing this every season. No one overrates like our beloved Cowboys.
  18. CowboyRoy

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    He never had a burst
  19. quickccc

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    And he likely had to do the plant and cut this and that to compensate for in hole, in space burst

    this article and many other incoming articles are gonna be placed, based off the concern and perception that zeke no longer has burst and home run speed. Which also comes the speculation that the Cowboys will cut Zeke after this season - as one of those "hard " decisions to come.

    Fact is Zeke was not displaying former burst and speed before that knee injury in the prior years.
    i thought he ran well in 2019 with Pollard's help to allow the Cowboys finished 5th in the NFL in rushing.
    But that was bell cow workhorse Zeke. .. that wasn't a guy that could pull away from defenders on off tackle runs and quick RB screens in 2016.

    In 2018, Zeke only had one run of over 40 yards vs Seattle for (which he also fumbled on that play)
    We can keep making the excuses for ZKE... per bad OL , ..bad coach run scheme and design,..bad knee,..Skip Hicks offseason program ,etc. ... but fact is he no longer possesses idea burst.
  20. GORICO

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    mr Risen---i did not think you too got caught up in the hype....Zeke has his "twitch" back......or back to 2016 form? i know the country has been invaded they even got Risen....i hope Dowdle and #20

    along with our new LG and in a little while our new center will start tearing up the league and forcing safeties down and then we toss over the top----TD baby

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