‘The United States is not a republic anymore’, says Gore Vidal

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    ‘The United States is not a republic anymore’, says Gore Vidal

    By Afshin Rattansi

    TEHRAN (Press TV) -- An interview with legendary American essayist, author, social and political critic.

    Press TV: We hear that Michael Mukasey is going to become the latest of the President’s Attorney-Generals to be subpoenaed, this time over his conversations with Bush and Cheney -- does this show that Congress is serious about calling the executive to account?

    Gore Vidal: No, Congress has never been more cowardly, nor more corrupt. All Bush has do is to make sure certain amounts of money go in the direction of certain important congressmen and that’s end of any serious investigation. After all, one of the bravest members of Congress is Denis Kucinich who brought the article of impeachment in to the well of the House of Representatives. The House of Representatives must then try the president, and then after that it goes to the Senate for judgment. However, none of these things will happen because there’s nobody there except for Mr. Kucinich who has the courage to take on a sitting president who is kind of a Mafioso.

    Press TV: How can it just be one person among so many hundreds of Congressmen who wants the impeachment of George W. Bush in these circumstances?

    Gore Vidal: Well it’s because we no longer have a country. We don’t have a republic any more. During the last 7 or 8 years of the Bush regime, they’ve got rid of the Bill of Rights, they’ve got rid of habeas corpus. They have got rid of one of the nicest gifts that England ever left us when they went away and we ceased to be colonies -- the Magna Carta -- from the 12th century. All of our law and due process of law is based on that. And the Bush people got rid of it. The president and little Mr. Gonzales who for a few minutes was his Attorney General. They managed to get rid of all of the constitutional links that made us literally a republic.

    Press TV: You have often written about the United States’ superpower status in terms of the history of previous superpowers. Do you think we’re witnessing the end of U.S. power as some suggest. Will the White House be seen like Persepolis?

    Gore Vidal: Well it won’t make such good ruins, no. It’ll be more like the tomb of Cyrus nearby. They managed to destroy the United States -- why? Because they’re oil and gas people and they’re essentially criminals. I repeat that this is a criminal group that’s seized control of the country through what looked like an ordinary election. But there’s some very nice films and documentaries about what happened in the year 2000 when Albert Gore won the election for president and they saw to it that he couldn’t serve. They got the Supreme Court -- which is the Holy of Holies ordinarily in our system - to investigate and then accuse the thieves of being absolutely correct and the winners -- Mr. Gore and the Democrats -- of being the cheaters. It’s the first law of Machiavelli, whatever your opponent’s faults are, you pick his virtues and you deny he has them. That’s what they did when Senator Kerry ran a few years ago for president. He’s a famous hero from the Vietnam War. They said he was a coward and not a hero. That’s how it’s done. When you have a bunch of liars in charge of your government you can’t expect to get much history out of that. But later on we’ll dig and dig… and we will dig up Persepolis.

    Press TV: Senator Obama talks about change but of course he has courting Wall Street as well as the Israeli lobby -- do you see any prospect of change with him as president?

    Gore Vidal: Not really. I don’t doubt his good faith, just as I do not doubt the bad faith of Cheney and Bush. They are such dreadful people that we’ve never had in government before. They would never have risen unless they were buying elections as they did in Florida in 2000, as they did in the State of Ohio in 2004. These are two open thefts of the Presidency. When I discovered that this did not interest the New York Times or the Washington Post or any of the press of the country I realized our day was done. We are no longer a country we are a framework for crooks to go in and steal money. Knowing that they’ll never be caught and they’ll be admired for it. Americans always take everybody on his own evaluation. You say I’m a state and they say “oh, yeah yeah yeah, he’s a state, isn’t that great.” And you accuse the other people of your crimes before you commit them. It’s an old trick which was known to Machiavelli who wrote about it in his handbook, the Prince.

    Press TV: Finally that issue which is exercising so many minds in the Middle East and beyond. You, yourself have written about so many Imperial wars of the United States. Do you think Bush and Cheney would risk another war in what Mohammad ElBaradei of the IAEA calls a fireball?

    Gore Vidal: They are longing to but they have spent all of the money. They have got it in their own private companies like the Vice-President and a company called Halliburton which is stealing more money and should be on trial sooner or later before Congress. But perhaps not, who knows? But it’s well known in Washington, these people are leaking away the money of the country. Well there’s no more money. They are longing for a war with Iran. Iran is no more a harm to us than was Iraq or Afghanistan. They invented an enemy, they tell lies, lies, lies.

    The New York Times goes along with their lies, lies, lies. And they don’t stop. When the public that’s lied to 30 times a day it’s apt to believe the lies, is not it?
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    OK. A hater is interviewed by an Iranian "newspaper" and we should take it seriously? Okie dokie.

    Then this bafoon says that Afghanistan wasn't a threat to us? Did the guy go into a coma on 9/10?

    I will say one thing though. It's good to hear a leftist finally admit that when the MSM tells lies 30 times a day the public is apt to believe it.

    (This response was not directed to the OP, but the article itself)

    Just sayin'. ;)
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    Admittedly, there are numerous aspects of the Bush Administration I dislike. I disagree with Iraq War on principle, and I openly deplore the Patriot Act, which, in my opinion, only serves to overturn many of the freedoms that are integral to the country's identity.

    However, I have several questions for Mr. Vidal:

    Where were you when the Clinton administration was trampling the rights of the men, women, and children at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco? Where was your outrage, indignation, and pomposity when the ATF brutally killed those people?

    Furthermore, given your lamentations about our diminishing Bill of Rights, I'm forced to wonder how you feel about anti-gun legislation and other laws that seek to erode the second amendment (you know, that particular bill of right that lefties, with their incessant constitution thumping, seem to ignore).

    My only lament is that William Buckley is no longer around to once again tell Mr. Vidal where to stick it.
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    Those who reside on the left end of the Lunatic Fringe pay monthly rent to ol' Vidal... he always has been a whack job...
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    ...is what? Indicative of a depraved mind?:D
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    Buckley should have punched his effite face when he had the chance. Nothing plays better overseas than an anti-American American. Now you know why they swoon over Michael Moore at Cannes.
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    Probably on your part, if I am agreeing. ;)

    On a serious note. It is problems with the Bush and Clinton administration concerning the constitution and bill of rights.

    That is the part I was agreeing to and the idea that this guy probably had no problem with similar things when Clinton was in office.
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    I can't post the video on here because it would violate forum rules, but if anyone has an interest in the heated exchange between Vidal and Buckley, they can visit youtube and enter William Buckley vs Gore Vidal into the search engine.

    Comical stuff.
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    problem is, Buckley himself was an elitist prick
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    And once again canadian has to talk about someone he never knew.
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    Yeah, that would be your knee-jerk reaction... but the word you were looking for is EFFETE, Professor Crosby... :D
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    Said the man who rails endlessly against a legion of "libs" he's never met... the man who snarls at posters he's never met...

    Hypocritical much, burm??

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