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CowboysZone has grown into a great community of wonderful people from all over the world since it launched in 2004.

At the heart of our community are the CowboysZone LEGION OF FANS members who support the community and help make CowboysZone better for everyone.

When you join the CowboysZone LEGION OF FANS you are helping support the CowboysZone community and in return, your membership grants you access to special benefits on the site along with a membership forum badge that is displayed below your username in each of your posts.

The LEGION OF FANS system replaces the Zone Supporters system we used for years. The main difference is that the Zone Supporter system reset for everyone on the same date every year which meant that some members only gained the benefits and recognition of supporting CowboysZone for a few months or less. To be more fair with everyone, we decided to switch to the new system. With LEGION OF FANS, all benefits last for one year per account so everyone gets the same benefits for the same amount of time.

There are three levels of CowboysZone LEGION OF FANS memberships that include LOYAL Fan, DIEHARD Fan and ULTIMATE Fan.


With your LEGION OF FANS membership, you gain access to the following benefits ..
  • All external advertising is removed from the site making the site look much better and display a lot faster.
  • A LEGION OF FANS forum badge displays below your username showing everyone that you support our community. You can hide the badge using Preferences if you prefer.
  • You can edit your user title that displays below your username in forum posts.
  • You can tag more more members in your posts when you want to catch the attention of more people.
  • You have a longer time period to edit your posts to correct mistakes, fix a broken link, etc.
  • You can have a conversation with up to three members at a time instead of just one.
  • You gain access to all veteran benefits even if you have not met the requirements and are still considered a new member.

The LEGION OF FANS forum badges that will show in your posts will look like this ..


When you are a LEGION OF FANS member, everyone knows you are an established member of CowboysZone who supports our community by posting, LIKE'ing posts and by contributing to the overall operational costs of the community.

We have a lot more ideas, features and benefits planned for CowboysZone and the LEGION OF FANS community and we hope you will consider becoming a part of it.

Join the CowboysZone LEGION OF FANS to start supporting the site today while making sure you are a part of the exciting things to come!

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