Recap: “4th and Long” Recap: Premiere episode

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, May 19, 2009.

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    Though it gets a little hokey at times listening to Michael Irvin bark cliched phrases at this group of almost-weres, the inherent drama in a real, NFL-worthy training session is hard to fake. Make that, vomiting after running several 110 yard sprints is hard to fake.

    You can tell that over time, the defensive back/wide receiver rivalry is going to get a little old, but the puking, well, the puking can't really ever get old. The constant mentioning of the Dallas Cowboys, however, is old already.

    In the first episode, Stephen Andrews, a 2006 College of New Jersey graduate, was the first to get the line, "Maybe you can play for somebody, but it won't be for Dallas." Ouch. Stephen was a defensive back who claimed he didn't perform well enough at the NFL combine, hence why he's not in the league. More painful than watching Andrews get kicked off the show is reading the article on, in which Andrews has already been through the show but is not allowed to tell the paper his result. The upbeat nature of it kills you once you know he was the first one canned.

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    I agree with this and the show was worth watching. While I didn't think Irvin was all that great on ESPN, I think he did very well as a "dramatic" actor on 4th and Long. I'll keep watching particularly in this, the dry season of the NFL calendar.
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    It was better than I expected. Irvin plays up to the camera a tad too much...but thats just him. Next week with battles in the rain and mudd is must see.
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    I thought it was better than I expected too.

    IMHO I think Mike would make a good coach.
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    I liked it.

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    I liked Mike when he was on the field barking at the players individually, he was pretty intense, which was funny as hell. Didn't care for him when he was talking to the group, felt like he was reading froma que card.

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