“Scouting” with former Broncos Kirk Bell, Sports Editor

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    MITCH ESPLIN/THE ARBITER – Kyle Wilson and Richie Brockel stand next to their former head football coach at BSU, Chris Petersen. Brocke and Wilson, along with form Broncos Mike T. Williams and Garcia Day, worked out for NFL scouts March 26 at the Caven-Williams Sports Complex in Boise.
    With his collegiate football existence in the rearview mirror, Boise State graduate and highly touted NFL prospect Kyle Wilson is living a lifelong dream that culminates April 22.

    He and three other former Broncos – Richie Brockel, Garcia Day and Mike T. Williams – worked out in front of NFL scouts at the Caven-Williams Sports Complex Friday, March 26. Like Wilson, the driving force behind their desire to compete at the professional level is a love for the sport.

    “When draft day comes I would have put in 22 years of work and on that day I can’t do anything to change that,” Wilson said. “Going to just sit back and relax and just have good reception on my phone. Hopefully the phone rings sooner than later.”

    Wilson leaped 38-inches to mark a personal best vertical. Known for his speed, Willson ran a 4.42 on pro day. Wilson felt happy with his performance following limited workout due to injury following his 2009-10 senior season.

    Wilson is expected to be an middle to late first round pick come day one of the 2010 NFL Draft.

    Brockel entered pro day following a four-month hiatus from strenuous workouts due to a foot injury. Following surgery and a brief workout prior to his workout in front of the scouts, he feels ahead of schedule in his recovery.

    “I had no pain today (March 26),” Brockel said in reference to his foot. “It felt awesome and I was really happy about that. I thought I might have to battle through some pain and stuff but I didn’t and it felt awesome.”

    Brockel entered the 2009 college football season as a potential draft choice for teams looking for a solid fullback. Mel Kiper of ESPN had him slotted as the top fullback in college football. Following a what Brockel feels a solid performance on limited preparation time, he is expected to be a late pick or free agent.

    Brockel weighed in at 251-pounds and stood 6-feet, 1-inch tall on pro day.

    MITCH ESPLIN/THE ARBITER – Former Boise State defensive end Mike T. Williams runs the 40-yard dash for NFL scouts at BSU’s pro day (March 26) at the Caven-Williams Sports Complex in Boise.
    Former Bronco and defensive end Mike T. Williams rejoined his former teammates in an attempt to find his place on an NFL roster.

    Williams’ was sidelined with a torn ACL during his senior season in 2008. After taking some time away from football and being re-inspired by a second BSU Fiesta Bowl victory, he decided to make another run at a career as a professional football player.

    “It’s been a long, hard wait but it’s been well worth it,” Williams said. “I came out here and performed like I wanted to perform and I’m happy.”

    Williams worked out much of the time by himself. He was happy to see his former teammates Wilson and Brockel to set a new benchmark to measure his progression in his training.

    “It takes a lot of hard work and a lot of mental focus to come out here and work out by yourself and just come out here and do it,” Williams said.

    The first round of the 2010 NFL Draft begins April 22 at 5:30 p.m. MT.

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