“Time 2 makes their home ours”

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Everlastingxxx, Aug 21, 2009.

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    I was actually at that game and we didn't just beat them, we beat the living hell out of them.
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    That is pretty cool. It reminds me of a time I came closest to actually talking smack to an opposing player.

    This was a Monday evening after we smoked the eagles early on in 2005. Score was like 33-10, but wasn't really that close. We just killed them.

    610 afternoon ******* and biggest Reid/eagles homer was finishing up his show.

    I called late so I might get my call in close to the crossover. The J. Trotter show started at 7:00pm and I know they listen to the end of the previous show.

    Well I happen to time it perfect and was the last caller of the day. This ****** had been pounded by Cowboy callers all day so I had to go in un annouced.

    I was an irate eagle fan who couldn't believe we got crush by those stinking Cowboys.
    I go on and on and on in painful detail just how bad an ***-whooping it was.
    They out gained us 4 to 1. Glenn and Bledsoe looked like HOFers. McNabb's going to have nightmares that big bad DeMarcus is coming to get him.

    Before this moron realized I was a Cowboy fan I asked him if he could put a question to Trotter during the cross over. "Ask Trot if he and his teammates had trouble sitting down during the flight home after that ***-WHOOPING they got down in big D!"

    So they cut me of with that question and go right to the cross over with Trotter. It was beautiful.

    I wish I had this call on tape.:D

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