'08 Draft- McFadden gone - and your next pick is???

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by hendog, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. hendog

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    Let's say that the Brownies some how don't go 0-16 (yeah right ;) ) and we are unable to draft Run DMC. Let's say we have the 2nd pick and we can't trade down. Who's your pick?

    I love me some Desean Jackson in a trade down but in this scenario I have to pick Calais Campbell. Even though it's not a need I don't know how you pass him up. I take him over Jake Long.
  2. tomson75

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    Can we make up our own variables here? If so, I'm gonna say that Spears, Canty, Hatcher and Co. step it up big time this year and DE is no longer an area that needs to be adressed. Sooo...I'm taking DeSean Jackson.

    Then I'd sit back and scratch my head on how the Browns go 0-16 and we only ended up with the #2 pick. ;)
  3. Bob Sacamano

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    depends for me, depends on how Julius does, cuz if he doesn't do so well and we let him leave as a FA, I would want Steve Slaton, that's another maybe, because he's only a Junior, then Mario Manningham
  4. InmanRoshi

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    I don't really care which position it is, but I want him to have a special quality and a gamechanger of some sort. You don't get to draft Top 10 talent too often, so take a difference maker of some kind with it. Don't waste a Top 10 draft pick by "plugging holes" at a certain position. There are other means of plugging holes.
  5. ZeroClub

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    I want Steve Slaton and DeSean Jackson.

    If McFadden went #1 overall, and the Cowboys had the second overall pick, its possible that they could drop back and acquire both of these guys.

    Unlikely, but possible.
  6. dallasfan

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    There's no way a team can't trade down from the 2nd pick. Especially in this draft. If McFadden goes #1 (which I think won't happen even if we get the pick), someone will want Brian Brohm or possibly Andre Woodson. Because we'll probably be in a unique position (top 5 pick, and in the playoffs), we don't have to follow the draft value chart. We can drop from #2 if that's were we are to #10 for a 2nd and 1rst next year, which is far less than equal value and take Steve Stanton, and maybe be better off.
  7. iceberg

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    we already played this game not long ago.
  8. Vintage

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    And with two of our playmakers on offense getting up there in age (Owens and Glenn), I'd like it to be on offense.

    WR...RB....don't care. Someone who defenses have to game plan around.
  9. parchy

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    At this point I'm looking at DeSean Jackson or Early Doucet. I want a burner.
  10. Bizwah

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    I don't want a 166 pound WR in round one.
  11. Mr Cowboy

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    I think we stay with tradition and pick another DE/OLB. Maybe another TE in with the second 1st round pick or the second rounder.
  12. big dog cowboy

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    Free agent losses and gains will impact the draft stragedy once again so it's hard to say. Not sure of who, but going either WR or CB seems logical considering it's 10 months before the draft.
  13. Cajuncowboy

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    If we have the second over all pick and can't trade down, then the draft is real shallow on talent at the top or it is so deep that you can get someone of equal value later. Either way we are messed up.

    On one hand we have to pay #2 money for someone who is as good as say the #6 or #7 guy or the guy we take at #2 isn't worth #2 money.

    I don't like your scenario. :(

    Either way, If we don't get McFadden, I want an elite WR in the Michael Irvin mode.

    Then again, even if we do get McFadden, I would still look for a top WR with that second first round pick.
  14. peplaw06

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    Here's a question... I may start a thread on this.

    Let's say the CLE pick is #2-5. DMac is going to go to whoever has #1. Our pick is somewhere in the mid-to-late 20s.

    In the 2007 season, Julius is mediocre to bad, and we're letting him walk. Terry Glenn continues to have knee issues. The defense is ranked Top 5, and Spears, Canty and Hatcher start to show signs of being very good.

    Do you:

    A) Package both first rounders to move to #1 to get McFadden, or

    B) Stay put, take Slaton then draft a WR in the 20s (Sweed, Manningham, Jackson, etc.)?
  15. dallasfan

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    McFadden will probably be an all-pro, but Slanton will be a pro-bowler (kinda like Tomlinson and McCallister, if it weren't for the injuries), so I'd take Slanton (trade down actually) and a WR (trade up if neccesary).
  16. Bob Sacamano

    Bob Sacamano Benched

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  17. peplaw06

    peplaw06 That Guy

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    I guess I'm a little confused with what you did there?:confused:

    Is McFadden gonna be better than Slaton, or is Slaton gonna be LT?

    Personally I think Slaton will be a good back, but McFadden will be stellar. I think I'd move up.
  18. Hostile

    Hostile The Duke

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    I asked a similar question a while back.


    My answers then still apply.

    1. Antoine Cason, CB, Arizona, 6'0", 185...in this case it is not a homer pick because I live here. I think this guy is the best CB prospect in the draft, the best ever from UA (yep, even over Chris McAllister), and a perfect bookend for Terence Newman. He's blazing fast, recovers really quick, and is a ball hawk. Pac 10 teams simply will not challenge him.

    2. Calais Campbell, DE, Miami, 6'8", 282...wait until you get a look at this kid. Reminds me a bit of Too Tall, but isn't as thick. Is faster than Too Tall. Has a great swim move and a good rip. If Chris Canty, Jason Hatcher, and Marcus Spears don't make big leaps forward this year he may be #1 instead of #2.

    3. Jake Long, OT, Michigan, 6'7", 313...before he committed to go back to Michigan, I was kind of hoping he'd be our pick. I really like Doug Free and James Marten and can see them as potential bookend OTs for years. This guy is a no doubt about it to me. I couldn't turn that down. OL is never sexy, but it is vital to winning. This guy will take his job seriously and personal.
  19. Manster68

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    I guess I need to brush up on just who DeShaun Jackson is.
  20. dallasfan

    dallasfan New Member

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    McFadden will be an all pro (like Tomlison)
    Slanton will be a pro-bowler (like McCallister, he would've made many more if it weren't for injuries)

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