'08 Draft- McFadden gone - and your next pick is???

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by hendog, Jun 30, 2007.

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    Think of Ted Ginn with better recieving skills, this kid is electric.

    The answer to the question for me would be to draft a playmaking DT in Dorsey with the 1st pick and Adarius Bowman with the next one.
  2. BrAinPaiNt

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    Early I know but the idea of taking a DT, DE or LB next year with our first pick would really irk me at this time.

    Sure Ferguson, Cany or Spears may get injured, not pan out or any other situation but I would still be hard pressed to be ok with another DE, DT or LB at that first pick.

    We have two older WRs and a group of other young WRs. We don't know if we have a number 1 WR in that group but I think it would be fair to say those young guys would probably be a group of #2 and #3 WRs.

    We have ignored that position long enough in the draft (first round).

    I also think we let Julius walk. I could go with Slaton if McFadden is gone.

    Why, because I think the two back system works and I think Slaton and Barber would be a great tandem. I think it would be better than Julius and Barber as Slaton is more explosive.

    So at this time I am hoping a WR and RB to inject youth and top round talent into our team.

    Now I would not be opposed to the OT position so much as it would at least be an offensive pick. But that would also depend on how a few of our current guys do. I think it would be fair to argue that Flo will be gone. So would that mean Big Red would take over for him or would one of our two draft picks this year take over him and one of the others take over the LG spot. We also have to see how Columbo does this year as well.

    I want us to go Offense with at least one of the first two picks. I would not mind a CB with the second first round pick if value is there.

    oh well...it is a year away and anything can happen from now to then so I may do a 180 degree turn in the future.

    One last thing to consider. If for some reason Romo does not pan out or has a bad injury, the QB position has to be taken into consideration.

    My real hope is that we have a high round pick (from the browns) and we have some of those QBs (Two colts and Brian B) sitting there making teams want to trade up and give us a sweet deal while only moving down a few slots and still getting a McFadden or slaton.
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    I too would think of Slaton. Very fast, very explosive.

    It's a pretty weak group of Sr RBs this year. If McFadden and Slaton both stay, then I don't know where we go.

    I would love to add an explosive player on offense. Again, I know some love Jackson....but come on.

    He's barely six feet tall and weighs 166 pounds.

    Can he succeed in the NFL being that slight?
  4. tomson75

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    That's also what he weighed as a sophomore. It is possible to add weight. I'd like to see him get up to the 185 lb range, personally.

    There are several players that thrive in the NFL with roughly his stature. He's a playmaker. We need a playmaker. I'd take him if we miss on McFadden. I also like Cason, and a number of other guys in the first, but I just don't think there are too many more guys that will contribute big plays for us next year.

    Then again, this could all change by draft day. Who knows.
  5. Hailmary

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    Best OLT available. At this point, I'd say that's Jake Long. We have some potential all along the line right now, but that's all they are at this point. I'm not convinced any one of them will eventually be a stud.

    In the years past, I would've said WR, but I'm not thrilled w/ anyone at this point. The upcoming crop seems really small.

    Would love to get Slaton, but I don't think he's a top five choice 'cause I don't think he's an every down back. I would LOVE to get him w/ our own pick however. Keeping my fingers crossed that JJ will have a big year so we can maybe go CB w/ our own pick.
  6. ZeroClub

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    There is a great chance that you can trade that Cleveland pick back a bit and still get Slaton.
  7. BrAinPaiNt

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    Yep. I think slaton will be taken at ten at the highest but I think he winds up being a mid to lower first round pick. I could be wrong but that is what I figure will happen.

    Either way I think we could trade down and get him and a WR or CB if we wanted.
  8. Cowboys&Caps

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    Not that unlikely especially if there is another team (other than the patriots who want the 2nd and 32nd picks in exchange for say 8, and 12 or so. those numbers add up right because the #2 pick is so valuable.

    If the other variables add up we could get two top 15 picks
  9. J-DOG

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    I don't think Slaton would be anything but a situational rb like a Dave Meggett and a return specialist. Therefore I do not take Slaton in the top 10 of this draft. That option type of offense that the Mountaineers run...I have a hard time seeing Slaton as an every down rb.
    The Cal wr while explosive is undersized. I have to hope that somebody steps up this next college football season as a skilled offensive player.
    If we do not get a chance at Mcfadden...I try to trade down. A top 5 pick without Mcfadden...I go O-line...Baker,Long or Def tackle...Dorsey.
  10. Cowboys&Caps

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    I dunno about that i would switch your 2 and 3 players and insert who ever the top WR is.
  11. Cowboys&Caps

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    Who is Dave Meggett, and Slaton is very good and i think would be used the same way as Mcfadden, much like R. Bush is being used in NO.
  12. BrAinPaiNt

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    Great thing about the situational not viewed as a full time starter RB is we don't need a full time starter at running back.

    We have barber to balance that out. We had a pretty good rushing attack this past season and I think with slatons speed and ability it could be much better.

    One other thing of note...reggie bush is not a full time running back that is going to get every carry. They knew that going into the draft.
    If a player has enough ability they will take him if they have another back already on the team.

    Now he will not go as high as Reggie, so nobody needs to say I am saying that. Plus as I said before I don't think he will be a top ten pick which would give us the ability to trade down with our first pick...or possibly trade up with our second pick and get him. That is part of me liking him as a pick if McFadden is gone.

    If we had a top five choice, we could trade down a few slots and pick up another day one pick or two...get a player (WR OT or other position). With our own first round pick we could package that with one of the other picks we got for trading down (as moving up to the middle of a round would be less than the top so we would have extra picks to play with) and get slaton.

    Of course this all depends on McFadden being there. If McFadden is there and he continues doing well this season without any other reasons (off or on the field) problems...He is our man.

    When Stephen is saying "We Could get McFadden" during this past draft...you know that is who they want.

    What I am wondering about, sure plenty of time till next year, is how much Jerry would be willing to trade up to get McFadden if we think he would be gone by the time our pick would roll around.

    We have to consider that the Cleveland pick may not even be in the top ten.
  13. Cowboys&Caps

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    for all of half a second.
  14. BrAinPaiNt

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    Same thing that happened with the Buffalo pick. People where hooping and hollering thinking it would be a high round pick. Heck it was even looking that way for the first part of the season as they were losing games left and right.

    The end result, our OWN pick was actually higher.
  15. CrazyCowboy

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    I can stop here.....found the best answert.....good job! :starspin
  16. Cowboys&Caps

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    Good point sorry for being so rash

    to my defense though the brownies have a pretty tough schedule
  17. dargonking999

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    umm a human?
  18. Sooner_GA

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    DeSean Jackson with the first of our two and If Romo struggles (which I feel he won't) I look hard at Kyle Wright QB Miami.
  19. burmafrd

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    So much is still uncertain. How good Romo really is, can one of our young Tackle prospects be at LEAST a solid LT, will our DL step it up, will our need for a top young WR become painfully obvious, will Henry start to falter and none of our young guys are good enough to step in, and so on.
    There appears to be no Calvin Johnson in next years draft; and no Peyton Manning or Aikman either. There appears to be one Superstar RB and that is about it. So trading down would be preferable. We could start being like the Pats and always have a second 1st rd pick available.
  20. ZeroClub

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    That's the most logical way to think of it.

    If the Browns manage to have a very poor season, there will be all sorts of opportunities for the Cowboys to improve themselves.

    Just as an example, in exchange for the 1st overall pick in 2004 (Eli Manning), the Chargers got:

    1. The 4th overall pick in 2004 (Rivers)
    2. The Giants 2005 1st round pick (turned into Merriman).
    3. The Giants 2004 3rd round pick.
    4. The Giants 2005 5th round pick.

    That's a lot of firepower.

    Everthing hinges on the Browns doing horrible. We can't be sure that they will, of course. It'll probably come down to injuries (theirs and their opponents) and a few lucky or unlucky bounces of the ball across a few games.

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