'08 Draft- McFadden gone - and your next pick is???

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by hendog, Jun 30, 2007.

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    How about Adarius Bowman here is a link if no has seen him, just go to videos at top to see him. I think he should be in the mix


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    Steve Slaton and Barber III would make a good combination.
    Wide Receivers (our 2cnd 1st rd pick) I would take Mario Manningham or
    Limas Sweed. I feel there will be plenty of quality receivers to go after with that pick, but those are my 2 favorites.
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    im hoping you guys arent serious about desean jackson. who is a skinnier version of tedd ginn, if thats hard to believe. the guy is 160 lbs.

    limas sweed would be a better option. big wr, playmaker.

    but, i would go with brian brohm. even with romo in dallas. but i suspect if dallas does get 2. they'll be able to trade down. so i say trade down and rape somebody with either elite young talent, or draft picks. or both.
  4. Cowboys&Caps

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    That is his freshman weight he is closer to 200 now, and he is a playmaker

    yes sir we are serious.
  5. Cowboys&Caps

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    I may like Brohm also. Because he is a tall great QB who knows the pro game.

    this is only if Romo does below average.
  6. Bizwah

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    He's still listed at 166.

    Now if he gets to 190....then I'd consider him with a high pick.

    Until then......third round....at the earliest.

    He's Todd Pinkston/Brandon Lloyd skinny.
  7. peplaw06

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    I thought we were beyond this thought that size makes the WR.

    Steve Smith - 5'9", 185 lbs
    Santana Moss - 5'10", 190 lbs

    DeSean Jackson is 6'0", his frame will support more weight, he's already listed at 172 on Cal's website, updated 5/29/07. I'm sure an NFL training regimen will add more weight. He's listed as a 4.3 guy to boot.

    And why would you knock him down a notch by comparing him to Ginn? Ginn was just drafted #9 in the draft (whether you think that's a reach or not), and he has yet to play a snap in the NFL.
  8. Bizwah

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    I knew someone would bring this up.

    First of all, big difference in being 5-9 185 and being 6-0 166. We're talking 20-25 pounds.

    Being so slight enables DBs to easily knock him off his route. Both Smith and Moss are pretty solid builds.

    Totally different body shapes we're talking about here.

    And yes, he has the frame to carry more weight. But can he without losing his speed? Pinkston had the frame too......did he ever gain the weight?
  9. BlueStar II

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    Whomever we take with our first pick, I, too, want it to be a gamechanger type of player, and would prefer him to be on the offensive side for a change. I certainly do like having Clevland's first though, that will be a nice luxury to have.
  10. MonsterD

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    I'm dead serious about Deshaun Jackson too he is a much much wayyy better route runner than Ginn Jr. And it doesn't take much to be better than Ginn Jr. but Jackson is NFL ready.

    PS for whoever said who is Dave Meggett, think of Darren Sproles,Maurice-Jones Drew or Garrett Wolfe, explosive small guys who could return.

    Now if McFadden were gone I would try to get either Long or Jackson, if one fell out then Cason or Dorsey would be my next objective.

    I hope we get Gaither in the supp draft and still draft Long and we don't even need to draft Slaton because Michael Turner will be available next year too, and with O-linemen like Free,Marten,McQuistan,Long,Gaither,Davis,Gurode, we could run BarberIII and Battle or Turner and still have a terrific running attack.

    To draft a RB as special as McFadden is amazing and special but we will be productive without him if we have a top-notch O-line.
  11. peplaw06

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    Moss and Smith have also been in the NFL for a couple of years, training with NFL regimens. When Moss was a senior at Miami, he was 180 lbs. Jackson is 8 pounds lighter as a junior, and 2 inches taller. doesn't sound like a big difference to me. And he could easily be around 180 by the fall.

    Jackson runs a 4.3. Smith ran a 4.4 at the combine. Even if 10-20 extra pounds slows him down a tenth of a second, he's still going to have great speed.

    All this stuff said, all this is about is his measurables. Have you guys seen him play? He's electric on the field.
  12. burmafrd

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    Just because a guy is 6'0 AND 172 now DOES NOT MEAN he can gain 20-30 lbs without losing speed or quickness. That is a HUGE addition for someone that size- we are not talking about a 275 lb O lineman who can get up to 305 in a couple of years. 10% is not hard for someone that size; 20% is possible, and quickness for a O lineman is not as critical as it is for a WR. 15% (what you are talking about with Jackson) is VERY hard for someone of that build.
    WITHOUT losing a lot of what makes him good now. He has already gained weight- just how much more can he put on without it making him not so good?
  13. Hailmary

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    I wouldn't put too much stock in what his school's website lists him as. They have a habit of inflating their measurables. The combine will be the tell all as far as I'm concerned.
  14. theogt

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    You talk about Smith and Moss as if they're great players. They're not. I don't want DeSean Jackson, Ted Ginn, Steve Smith, or Santana Moss. You can take those skinny midgets and play JuCo ball for all I care. They're not long-term, consistent stars in the NFL. They'll produce, but not on a consistent basis -- they're too small.
  15. Cochese

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    Jake Long.

    Screw Flozell.
  16. peplaw06

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  17. adamknite

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    See also, our own Terry Glenn 5-11 195 around the height of Jackson and around the weight people think jackson will be up to. He's only had 3 complete seasons in a 12 year career.
  18. peplaw06

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    Well the combine is a year away, and he hasn't been weighed in yet. What are we supposed to do until then? Just guess at his weight? 172 is just as believable as 166.
  19. peplaw06

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    Terrell Owens has only had 5 complete seasons out of 11, and he had a nagging broken finger this season even though he played all 16 games.

    Sometimes you can't avoid injuries.

    I think I'd be happy to have a Terry Glenn, Steve Smith, Santana Moss, etc. on our team.

    Or how about a Marvin Harrison? 6'0", 185. Oh he's only got 8 complete seasons out of 12. But hell what do I know? Let's completely take a guy off our radar because he's small.:rolleyes:
  20. cboyd

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    Why not just go after a bigger reciever in Adarius Bowman, if Bowman went to a bigger name school he would be considered to be the top reciever coming out of this draft. Some of you may disagree but he has all the qualities you ask for in a reciever (Size 6-4 220 pounds), good route running, very physical (constantly break tackles), good speed for his size ( no one catches him from behind so I dont know where people get that he is really slow) and descent hands. Just think of a Owens type player as in the type of reciever not the attitude. Once scouts look at Bowman they are going to be all over him just like when Demarcus Ware was coming out.

    Here is his video if you have not seen it www.Bowman12.com

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