1/17/2014 mock draft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by XDez88BeastX, Jan 17, 2014.

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    17) Kelcy Quarles - 3DT
    6'4" 298lbs
    39 tackles / 13.5 TFL / 9.5 sacks

    Right now Kelcy is a reach in the first but by draft day he will not be I promise, this dude has strength speed & ideal size to be exactly what Marinelli is looking for in his future 3-tech.

    48) Scott Crichton - SDE
    6'3" 265lbs
    36 tackles/ 19 TFL/ 7.5 sacks

    Crichton lacks Ideal height by about an inch but I'm hoping he has the Arm length to make up for it. He much like Jeffcoat has great game film & has also shown up with solid stats & big plays against the best Olines or even offenses for that matter in the country.

    79) Telvin Smith - OLB
    6'3" 218lbs
    90 tackles/ 9.5 TFL/ 2 sacks/ 3 INT

    Telvin Is an extremely athletic, lean linebacker possesses exceptional range, outstanding instincts and devastating hit power. He will be able to either step in and punk out Carter & take his job or Fight Carter to step up & play to his capabilities. Another great thing is he can also play both inside & outside which is great considering our brittle backer situation.

    110) Jackson Jeffcoat - DE
    6'5" 250lbs
    82 tackles/ 19 TFL/ 13 Sacks

    Jackson's family has NFL blood & ties to the Cowboys, he has great game tape & has shown up with big plays against some of the better Olines in the college game, but he has injury history & lacks size. I think he'd be a nice situational player in rotation with Ware & Selvie on the Weakside while he gets himself to NFL size & hopefully a proper regiment to avoid further injury history.

    147) Garrison Smith - 1DT
    6'3" 299lbs
    63 tackles/ 10 TFL/ 6 Sacks
    Smith has great stats against solid competition but for some reason is getting no love in the scouting world. He's rated to be a 7th or even a UDFA but he is bound to rise atleast to the 5 th & even if he doesn't I'd still take him here.

    207) Spencer Long - G
    6'4" 315lbs
    Spencer is a 3rd round guy who will plummet due to injury, even if he can't play this year I'd still take him. It's a steal.

    210) Rajion Neal - RB
    5'10" 210lbs
    1124 rushing 5.3 ypc / 108 receiving
    Rajion has some good tape, has been compared to Demarco Murray & has been said to have best chance to succeed in a ZBS scheme. He also blocks well which we need considering our 3rd & 4th backs only seem to be able to do one or the other.

    215) Denicos Allen - OLB
    5'11" 218lbs
    98 tackles/ 16.5 TFL/ 5.5 sacks
    Denicos Allen is almost identical to
    Brandon Magee & Dallas loved that kid last year but lost him to another team after he was placed on the practice squad. Allen will likely suffer the same fate as Magee & drop to the 7th due to size limitations. That's great news for us.
  2. Zimmy Lives

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    I would have preferred a guard in the 2nd but otherwise I like it.
  3. visionary

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    Agree with zimmy lives
    Give me OG in rd 2
    Sign Byrd and Joseph in FA

    Then let's go play
  4. ajk23az

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    You really think we have the money to pay Byrd and Joseph? The top 2 guys at their position in free agency? smh....
  5. 1LoyalCowboyFan

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    I can see Quarles going in the first after pro day and combine. I LOVE the first three rounds. 3 pass rushers at different positions. I would rather get a good guard like Linder in the 4th and a fast big bodied receiver in the 5th to develop. I would like a tall corner late in the draft. I definitely think Neal won't be there. Allen could be.

    Overall great job. Respect for not taking a safety!
  6. XDez88BeastX

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    we've drafted two safeties in the past 2 years we have to give these kids a chance to develop. I also agree with the WR thing. I have an alternate mock where we trade down with Cleveland & get an extra 3rd & 4th. I use the 4th on L'Damien Washington. However I have to disagree with you all on the guard thing. Now don't shoot me before I can explain lol. We are actually drafting a 3rd round Guard & it's Spencer Long. Look him up. He was rated as a 3rd round Guard before the injury. I'd like to bring Waters back as a mentor & back up for one more year & then 2015 we get our guard on a steal. Now if you'd still like to shoot feel free :) lol
  7. 1LoyalCowboyFan

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    Lol I'll look Long up and keep it holstered for now :)
  8. xwalker

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    The Cowboys need Guard depth this year. If Long can play in 2014, he won't drop that far.

    They can't make plans in the Spring based on Waters possibly signing after training camp. Signing Waters should only be done if other attempts to find OG depth has failed.
  9. bodi

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    oh I agree X we need a OG - but I think Jerry is just fine with what we got in the O line

    so I expect no O line till the third and that's a big maybe

    they only other thing I would look at would to draft OT since Free contract is up after next year
  10. texbumthelife

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    I just don't get the Quarles love. The guy is very unimpressive on tape. His sacks are cleanup duty and he has a strong penchant for late hits. No thank you.
  11. casmith07

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    Not my ideal first choice in the first round, but a pretty good draft overall. Love the emphasis on the defensive line.

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