1-2-3 is easy we know 4 is a QB but who

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Zaxor, Mar 23, 2006.

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    1. texans - bush
    2. NO - williams
    3. Titans-leinhardt

    4. Jets- cutler or VY but its a QB

    5 GB more holes than swiss cheese that has been shotgunned......they really need some D but I think they take Vernon Davis to placat Favre

    6 SF I guess here is where AJ Hawk goes

    7 Oak the other qb not selected by #4

    8 Bills D'brickshaw Ferguson

    9 Lions Jimmy Williams CB

    10 Cards Bunkley

    11 rams ngata

    12 browns Lawson

    13 ravens Chad Jackson

    14 Eagles Hali

    15 falcons Deangelo Williams

    16 dolphins Greenway

    17 Vikes Huff

    18 Cowboys sadly Justice

    19 Chargers

    probably not gonna make a lot of Cowboy fans happy...outside of a trade (which is unlikely) I can't see it going much different that that
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    Lets see, Keyshawn yelled at Bledsoe and Bledsoe was like yeah ok.
    What WILL happen is the media will wait for a game that we lose and try to COAX a negative remark from TO. I guarantee it.

    If we go in healthy I just don't see it happening. GO TO!!!

    Oh thanks for the list. I'm trying to figure out who we should look for in the draft to select.
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    About a week before the draft guys like the Goose will have sniffed out who the clubs are thinking about. That's when these predictions will have some real validity.

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