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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by sureletsrace, Jan 23, 2013.

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    I read on DraftCountdown he was having a good week of practice, so I'm interested in anything that says the opposite.

    He had 18 sacks during his time at Purdue.

    I'd be interested on hearing from anyone who follows Purdue to get their opinion on him as a player.
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    It was verbal from one of the guys on NFL network.

    Nobody doubts his talent and ability to dominate and many spectators have been impressed with him at the Senior Bowl Practices.

    Normally, I wouldn't pay much attention to one comment, but the work-ethic issues have been widely reported prior to the Senior Bowl.
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    Very solid effort.

    You didn't give us massive reaches or draft guys 5 rounds after they'll likely go.

    I do think Dallas might take a chance on McDonald because he knows the scheme already. And his draft stock is r4-6 right now.

    Only issue I see is I believe Franklin goes higher. He is a very complete back and at least as good as Tashard Choice who went in r4(as a considered steal).

    From a personal standpoint I'd hate that we were so heavy defense again. Stedman is nice but losing Austin will require more than a mid-round rookie repalcement IMHO. We are thin at WR.

    Short at 47 is a pick I really like. He'd be rotated in and out so motor is less a concern for me than it will be for others.
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    I've read about his suspect work-ethic but any reports I've come across about the practices seem to dispel that.

    It could be a case of him turning it on to get the money and when he's been paid then....
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    Here is another reference to his "motor" issues at the Senior Bowl practices:


    -Kawann Short was a more sudden and explosive guy than Sylvester Williams in drills, showcasing excellent balance, bend and coordination in running through bags, running the arc and changing directions. Developed with his hands, Short flashed a variety of off-the-line arm-over and arm-under short moves, but failed to have a consistent impact due to motor issues. When he comes off the football and engages properly with his hands, Short can be tough to corral; however, Short doesn’t possess a great motor and at times shut it down during the practice.
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    I like Steadman Bailey but I don't think he is that different than the 3 Arkansas guys that went in the 4th last year.

    I like Cooper so long as we are going to a zone blocking scheme. I don't really know our offensive direction, so that is not an indictment of your draft but rather confusion about the Cowboys. I don't see many Cooper highlights where he lines up nose to nose a pushes a guy backward. No matter what system you run, some NFL plays come down to that. Admittedly, I have not watched enough but that was my big problem with DeCastro. The highlights were pulling and running the Greg Roman style offense that we don't do a ton of and the Zeitler highlights looked like a typical NFL game.

    I really like Holmes Short and Franklin.

    Just throwing something out if we don't keep Spencer because of the cap:
    What about drafting Mingo or Jordan as a pass rushing SAM that can play DE in the nickle? Finding a strongside DE that can really rush is like finding a leprechaun. The player that can do that is probably in the top 10, not at 18.

    I don't think we will be worth much on defense if we have 1 outside rusher.

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