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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ConstantReboot, Oct 27, 2013.

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    Exactly. If you kneel the ball, less time is taken off the clock ( due to the Lions using their 2 timeouts ). If you run the ball, more ( though not much more ) time is taken off the clock before the Lions can call their Timeout. Garretts coaching didn't have anything to do with a player Holding ( which was Declined anyway ). That said, I didn't like the playcalling of the previous drive, with back to back Draw plays. Sadly, ( even after getting multiple turnovers ) the game came down to the Defense getting a Stop & they didn't. It is, what it is.
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    Everyone should watch the Raiders vs. Steelers game yesterday. Almost the same exact situation happened to Oakland. Instead, they kneeled twice and took a delay of game penalty and ran off so much time off the clock that the Steelers could only run one play. Just food for thought that maybe, trying to run up the middle with a safe play or knelling it down would be a better bet.
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    If we knelt down on that 3rd down run the holding play would not have happened. Thus the clock would not have stopped. We would then be able to run the clock down to around 20 seconds with no timeouts for the Lions.
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    I think your opinion is stupid beyond words.

    running out the clock also can create false starts, or illegal formations. the risk isn't decidedly different between a run and a kneel.
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    It comes down to coaching plain and simple. You kneel on the ball and take the time off the clock then punt. It's fine to run the ball on 1st and 2nd down to take a few more seconds off the clock. On third down the coaching staff has To realize that only a penalty or running out of bounds can stop the clock. Take a knee. But hey, we have seen this too many times over the years with Garrett at the helm. For graduating from Princeton, he sure is an idiot sometimes lol
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    Or the RB not to fumble, or for there not to be a bad qb/rb exchange. Again, at that point, if you are not going for the first, why take the risk, just call the safest play in the book and go home with a win.
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    ohhh for the days when we could give it to Emmitt or Dorsett and keep the ball on the ground and eat time off the clock...
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    If they take a knee there, they win. That's all I'm saying. Of course Garrett would never do it, I really think it never crossed his mind. He is very limited in that regard.

    And he wasn't trying to get a first at that point, he was trying to run some clock.
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    You keep moving the goal post.
    First, you say Romo should have take 10 steps then kneeled. When I asked you who does that (which quarterbacks have you seen do that), you move the goal post.
    Second, you say Romo should have taken 7 steps then kneeled. Again, I asked you which quarterbacks have you seen do that.
    Third, you then ask me have I never seen a quarterback take a few steps back and kneel. Of course, I have. But that's not what you said initially.
    And to that response I said that just taking a few steps back and kneeling isn't going to run as much time off the clock as a running play up the middle and after being tackled having guys unpile and get ready for the next play. That's going to take more time off the clock.
    Fourth, again, hindsight is 20/20. Of course, after the fact, it was the wrong decision. But in real-time few if any coaches with 1:14 left are going to ask their quarterbacks to kneel down, not when you can take more time off the clock by running the ball. No coach prepares for eventualities like a holding penalty on third and long when the play is a running back dive into the heart of the defensive line. You just can't prepare for those eventualities. So you go with what's best and what's most common and what is more likely to work.
    The call in retrospect was the wrong one because we lost.
    but in real-time, it was the right call, one almost every coach this side of Jimmy Johnson makes. Then again, Tanner aint no Emmitt, Romo aint no Aikman and Tyron Smith aint no Erik Williams. :)
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    You assume he knows that a pentaly under 5 minutes stops the clock...maybe the coach forgot to mention that during the two timeout breaks...
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    Check out the offense lines of the teams you quote. Great OL's can run predictable plays. We can't. Still laughing?
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    what ever happened to his main defender Hostile?

    Did he realize he was 100% wrong about garrett all this time?
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    no, I think the morons finally got to him.
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    Yes, hysterically in fact.

    Predictable playcalling is a joke to speak about. A complete joke. People sitting on the couch have little to no context to go off of when making that assessment.

    It was predictable that Stafford was going to throw to Calvin Johnson the whole second half, yet it couldn't be stopped.

    Playcalling did not lose this football game. One untimely penalty where Tyron Smith lost his mind, Scandrick committing the cardinal sin in coverage, and the Cowboy offensive and defensive lines being dominated is what cost the Cowboys the game.
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    The Tyron Smith penalty epitomizes this team and organization.

    Once more, with the game on the line and needing to run only one more play to run most of the remaining time off the clock, Tyron did not realize the game situation and treated the play just as if it was a normal 3rd down during the middle of the game.

    Any well coached team and player would know the LAST thing on earth you want is to do ANYTHING that stops the clock in that situation. But no! Not the Dallas Cowboys.

    That is coaching, plain and simple and once more with the game in the balance Garrett's players failed the test. That is on Garrett!
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    I honestly don't see Garrett ever instructing the guys during timeouts. After all the blown games in his tenure you'd think he'd be grabbing their collars and telling them exactly what not to do. But he just stands there
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    I wouldn't be because a running back's job is to hold on the football. A lineman's job is not to let a defender get to the man with the ball, whether running back or quarterback. Once Tanner bounced outside, Smith automatically thinks about making sure his man doesn't get to Tanner. No, he shouldn't be holding. But holding goes on on most plays. Here it bit us in the butt.
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    You know, I have to agree. It's no coincidence to me that when Monte Kiffin comes on board and emphasizes turnovers, the Cowboys get turnovers.
    It's no coincidence when Jimmy Johnson preaches "no turnovers" and "winning all three phases of the game" his Cowboys take on his personality and do just that.

    I don't monitor the Cowboys that closely, but there's something missing with this team. And I fear that the culture of losing as finally crept into the mentality of the players. I think they really expect to lose not win. Maybe Dez and Sean Lee don't. But if they're not careful, they're going to be aborbed by this culture.

    I used to watch Cowboys games in the 90s and know they'd win. Now, I watch dredding that we're somehow going to lose a game we should win. :(
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    Hammer meet nail. I couldn't have said it better.

    BTW, what happened to the hammer hitting nail icon?
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    I'm not wrong about Jason Garrett, and Eric_Boyer is exactly right about why I don't post much any more. I enjoy football and I enjoy the Dallas Cowboys. It offends far too many people that I do. It is the stupidest reason to dislike someone that I have ever heard, but oh well. Not wrong on Garrett at all though. My head is bloody but unbowed.
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