1 month away: The Walking Dead S4

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  1. Phoenix

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    Already getting really excited for this!

    'There might not be any hope' in latest Walking Dead S4 footage

    Over four minutes of new Walking Dead footage just dropped, giving us out best look yet at the upcoming fourth season. Want to see?

    Featuring a boatload of footage, chopped up with some of the first on-camera interviews with new showrunner Scott Gimple, the new trailer definitely got our blood pumping to see how the series will reinvent itself this year.
  2. Future

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    I just cant get myself excited for this show anymore. Last season killed it for me, to be honest.
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    Wow....what? lol. To each their own I suppose but I don't understand that at all.

    Anyway I can't wait for this to return. It looks like it's going to be a crazy season but has anyone else noticed from preview video there that they didn't show a single shot, scene, mention of the Gov.? That's very interesting to me cause that makes me wonder if they're not going to use him all year or what. I could see them not showing him at all for the entire season and then in the last episode of the year it ending and him being the final thing you see when the season ends, leaving you months to wonder what roll he'd play in the following season.
  4. CATCH17

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    Ill watch it.. Not pumped up for more Governor.

    I am ready for some game of thrones though.
  5. ChldsPlay

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    What? Without Andrea left to bring the show down, everyone should be excited.
  6. Future

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    I guess I liked the way last season ended, for the most part, but I thought the season itself was rather boring. Wayyy to many filler episodes that were just there to set up something else.
  7. tantrix1969

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    Season 4 preview

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  8. Heisenberg

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    I have a hard time not wanting every single character to die horrible deaths.

    I just don't like any of them. It kinda makes watching the show not as much fun as it used to be.
  9. KoRnyBrad

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    I'm ready for the new season. I wasn't impressed with how last season ended. Was hoping for more of a war.

    I'm addicted to the comics now to and have getting every new release. There is a guy named Neagan that makes comic Gov look soft.
  10. MichaelWinicki

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    From the overtones in interviews and from what footage we've seen it seems that parts of the graphic
    novel that we didn't see in season 3 concerning the prison, bare fruit in season 4.

    Certainly the governor isn't gone and there is still going to be something that causes the prison to become abandon, which could be episode 8, which is the final episode before the mid-season break.
  11. tantrix1969

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  12. MichaelWinicki

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    I'm not sure what to think about that...

    I like the thought of a different location/different group going through the same thing, but with a much different dynamic.

    But by 2015 will this thing have burned itself out?

    At some point folks are going to tire of the whole zombie thing... It's not a question of "if", but "when".

    The zombie craze has gone gangbusters... much bigger than I thought it ever would have. Especially having enjoyed the first "Zombie boom" from the release of Romero's original "Dawn of the Dead" in 1978 until about 1986.

    Then things just sorta petered out. However that boom was much, much smaller than this one. But does that mean this one simply has more room to fall?

    I guess we'll find out.

    The thing with other monster-booms is that the monsters themselves, i.e. vampires/werewolves can assume a wide variety of characters, which can help keep the genre fresh. With zombies... it's the humans that need to be kept fresh and interesting because the zombies will always be kind of the same.

    If it were Darabont behind it, I'd have more confidence that the spin-off would be a solid story.

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