10 Greatest Cowboys Who Never Made the Pro Bowl

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by percyhoward, Sep 22, 2006.

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    Ware may eventually overtake Lewis, but not yet. He is still in the potential stage. While he wasn't a superstar, Lewis was a force on five Super Bowl teams.

    I have a problem with Stepnoski over Fitzgerald, simply because Stepnoski left the team to go to Houston while he was still in his prime. Granted he was on three Pro Bowls (compared with none for Fitzgerald), but Fitzgerald was a very strong player on four Super Bowl teams. (And I think we have plenty of other candidates for Pot Smoker of the Month who could otherwise make this team)

    Irvin probably replaces Hayes, even though Hayes had stats that were comparable to Pearson (both had two 1000 yard receiving years; both had 7000+ receiving yards), and even though Hayes is in the Ring of Honor and Pearson isn't.
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    Larry Cole and John Fitzgerald would make my list too.
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    I won't hold pot smoking or beer drinking against any of those guys, as they seemed to play through it okay. Other fans might. I just don't think Fitz will keep his spot against Stepnoski, who was the better player. (5 Pro Bowls to 0) Stepnoski was also the All-Decade center for the 90's.

    And I wouldn't put Ware on that team today, but in 3 years I'm guessing I will. I think you're right about Hayes losing his spot though, unless they cheese out and let 3 WR's on the team.

    edit--got your blog to load now...Looks good. I look forward to perusing it.
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    This is really nit-picking but when talking about current actors I consider De Niro and Nicholson a cut above the rest. Pacino is just a hair below those two for me. Hackman is not in those 3's class IMHO. I consider him a one trick pony who's been in a few to many stinkers. Very good actor but not great.
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    I agree. I can't really ever recall being blown away by a Gene Hackman performance.
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    Popeye Doyle in "The French Connection" usually does the trick for me. "Crimson Tide" with him and Denzel trying to one-up each other is a classic.

    "Gypsy Moths" is a great one if you like Hackman and haven't seen it.

    Weird a** thread this is.

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    Hre are two more:

    WR Kalvin Martin (a.k.a. K-Mart)
    FS James Washington (a.k.a Drive-By)

    I loved these two! :)
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    Seriously. I've never seen a thread with two parallel, non-conflicting themes running through it like this one. All-time great actors and unsung Cowboys. Couldn't ask for more really.
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    Aside from Newman, I see a bunch of guys who were good players but not probowl caliber players. Half the league is above average and that's all those guys were.
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    Which half of the league do you think the Pro Bowl selections come from?
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    P.Pearson was relied on more as a receiver than a RB...A very good receiver I might add. He had some good years with the Colts and Pitt I believe, but nothing compared to Dallas. I remember some great catches he made, but don't remember him taking many hand-offs. Probably dodn't play enough to get any real recognition. Pugh is the one off the original posters list that was always a shock to me as far as never being pro-bowl. What a shame...VERY good player. T-new will make it in if he gets alot of picks...unfortunately that's the barometer for corners (versus not being thrown at much or passes defensed). Ellis goes this year if he gets 10 sacks:)
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    1. Quincy Carter
    2. Chad Hutchinson
    3. Drew Henson


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