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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Jul 28, 2011.

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    we need a recap from recapjoe :D
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    what is the site's address, please? Thanks in advance!
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    Wasnt to much, but Babe said:
    I dont call it late, but guys had to go in late because players had to vote to recertify. Here is a guy that can give you a western dizatation, but not there on time, because Jason isnt generally late, but jason has got to be thinking is anything going to be on time etc... but jason always says things are going to be different as a dallas cowboy and you have to be resourceful.

    I want to go back to your number 2, because Kosier was important to this team, lost in the shuffle, my feed broke after this, will try to post the podcast when available.

    Tony Romo on nfl network
    It was good, a walkthrough, but guys were excited and ready to go, i am healthy and ready to go and this team had goood offseason. I think anytime your away from a game, you understand why you love it, and opportunity to work my butt off and help this team win and get going. Our team needed to do some things this offseason, a month of workouts, running around,competing and be smart about it, and with defense to learn whole new system, and offensively guys got to run and get their legs in shape. I wanted to make sure things were scripted, so not running around amock, but have certain amount of plays on def and offense, and these guys wanted structure, and was a great turnout. So,I wanted to be sure guys were commited, like 2 minutes for water break, boom,boom,boom. On restructure anything teams needs we will talkabout it.

    When you control time, practice to get everyboyd on same page and rally the troops to get going,and get the leaders of each section toget going

    I am not into what to decypher what is different.
    , this team came out with alot of energy and this team is going tobe great. You try to analyze how things can be better, individually, collecively as you get older, with scheme of it and get better, easy answer is your passion for the game.

    Its been hard since phily game, and with offseaon practices felt great, and im excited. Just feels been long time, and I think enjoybale to be out here and compete, how this team can improve and how we can get better. Our coaches had to tell us to slow down because guys were excited. I think guys will get back in when signed,but we have to go with what we have. I am just happy we signed some guys, adn hopefully get better. Hit the ground running with the same guys on system for offense. I think Doug was great to have, and he does things the right way, were out here to compete, try to find a way to get better from today. Gain understanding what tempo, like one guy might be moving to fast, throttle back and get after it in the afternoon.
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    You da man!
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    dez; Of course I love it, punt return kick return i love it, but hey whatever coach wants me to do, i will do it, i love football:

    conditioning went well and everybody passed and was great and good sign gonig from there

    ankle is fine,

    tony is good athlete and a real good leader, and be sure we do things right

    probably end of june, i was doing everything in backyard, dunking, thats when i knew i was ok,

    by listening to my coaches, being accountable, being on time, doing everythign right

    coach robinson is a great guy, telling us what he expects from us, and i feel our relationship is going to be great

    of course, when tony and brady got us together doing lockout, and brought us together, and it kinda showed outon field today and not only that but at hotel

    i feel like a great thing challenge and ilook forward to and do my best

    thats it, taking break guys
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    Thanks for the recap, cowboyjoe. I am at work and do not have sound on my computer. I try to check in on what is going on with the Cowboys becaause when I am home my kids want to play with me.

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