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    their inconsistency, to be surprised you have to have expectations, didnt know i had expectations, but thought they would be competitive and in contention for playoff spot and thats exactly what they are. Bailey was a surprise and was surprised for their lost leads in games. You go to training camp but you didnt know what you were doing in training camp because u didnt know what you were seeing in offseson, and bailey and murry would have been surprising to see,

    i think this team is mentally tough, dont agree with emmitt but love him. How are you not mentally tough in games they won at end, what it is your not good enough.

    elf, name me good teams in nfl, name them, gb how is their defense, baltimore, but some are hurt, now new orleans is there now, agree with pittsburgh getting healty, so you named 4 go on, my thinking is this is the way the nfl wants it, can you imagine troy aikman records if they were unable to touch his wrs, and part of it is spread offenses, and defenses will catch up after awhile adn there will be arena football, just not that many good teams, now next yr when you can condition in offseason and get players in condition, this is what ive been told ,if they had offseason time murray missed camp was due to muscular and he wouldnt have missed that in training camp, and just not that many great teams

    new england might get number one seed, but how are they on defense, and thats not really correct because thats same defense that held patriots to 13 pts and teams got film on them and they were down 2nd half

    um,if i get top player out of draft, i would with # 1 pick, i think they have outstanding qb who i am happy with next 4 to 5 years, so your asking who would you take, i think that player would be a cb, and i think they have to have in pass rush, its probably be a cb, based on belief bruce carter will play besides sean lee, they need talented young players at ILB and they need spencer to play like he did 2 years ago, or else get another pass rusher besides ware, paraphrasing, difference 2 years ago, was jenkins playing through injuries, but they have given up huge plays, ILB< OLB, safety, and another couple of interior players, maybe arkin can be a good player and nagy, i think costa will grow and improve but i think you need another players, and you have to decide if bennett will be a player for you going forward, and you have to have 2 TE offense, in this league like patriots do

    sorry got phone call interrupted me and couldnt hear rest of brad shams remarks

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