Recap: 1053thefan: bradie james recap interview postgame

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    bradie:always like this when we play them the skins, tooth and nail all the time, everytime, was ugly but we need these w's, you have to win these type of games, and not say we should have done this. man, we were rushing like anybody's business. were just as good as last yr with 6 wins now, just win games, the ugly ones they happen and when they do, make sure your on the winning side. grossman was making plays, trying to stop him, we were close, but we couldnt knock it down, once you calm down, then you can get off the field but you dont want to over do things and get out of position. just realize what your in it for and im at part of my career, i just want to win, control how you act, but for me its how you respond in situations too, paraphrasing here too. Anytime a team is playing cowboys we get super star effort, 4 yrs when we played arizona, ran a screen and everybody bounced off him, steve preston, so i learned then you get every teams full effort when you play

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