News: 1053thefan: Jason Garrett Press Conf. Monday Evening

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    Jason:Hey guys how we doing. We dont use words regret around here alot. My impressions we did things really well with passion, enthusiasm, and had guys had to play prior game and was a tough environment. We handled things early in the game, but we didnt handle things right at the end, so hopefully a learning experience and move forward.

    Jason, on going discussions orlando andwhat to do, but we have had contigency plans in discussions. We are hopeful.

    Jason, I said if we play like that we can win alot of games, but we have to correct those other plays, where we are as a football team right now, with players that understand what we need to do.

    Jason: Our secondary thoughgt they did outstanding job and they had 3 big time wrs, and did good job hanging in there battling, with rob making adjustments, but I thought our guys hung in there.

    Jason:Nature of football on critisim, and qb is most scrutinized on the field, did alot of things very well, but made a couple of critical mistakes, but done a great job in other games to help us win games. Hopefully tony will learn from this experience and hopefully will get better. Its our staff job to clean up those things with the mistakes. I think its an ongoing process, and romo has been a big part of ralying us to win games like taht, and if you approach it the right way and back to your mind with thought process that you will handle it differently next time, we will be better.

    Jason:you have to pull yourself up by your boot straps and go forward, and do collectively go forward, look at what was positive contiinue, and learn from mistakes and correct them.

    Jason:alot of teams have 24 hours rules, after you watch the tape, you put it behind you, take good things build on them and correct bad things.

    Jason: soon after that punt return, all i know dez felt something in his leg. We have to address those things in regards to what jerry said about dez, with some safer plays for dez, not to take off of completely, with being so big part of our offense, we will evaluate what to do goiong forward.

    Jason: We felt he was still good to go and certainly dez was fired up to play, and if was question he could futher injure his leg we wouldnt put him out there.

    Jason: i felt our offensive line played very well, jets are very physical, in fact we had 4 new starters with kosier moving to another spot at OG.

    Jason: they had overload rush down the middle, adn our guys turned outside, i think was more of a miss communication thing on blocked punt, with something we really worked hard on in practice, adn we didnt hancle it well in the game.

    Jason: certainly protector didnt play like he should have but i think he was lined at right depth.

    Jason; You have to understand kind of team your playing and they commit 8 to 9 guys to lineof scrimmage and they played alot of man to man while our wrs and tes exploited them some ways, and they play the bear defense, and i think we did rightt thing in pass plays, but come to crunch time weve got to make those short yardage runs and need to improve on those things.

    Jason:was impressive on jenkins going through all his injuries, with jenkings fighting throught those injuries, its encouraging, with other players like jenks growing. I think our other cbs played well, they didnt blink and kept fighting throughout the ball game.

    Jason; we like all 3 of our inside lbs, and sean did take a number of snaps, but brook and bradie to ok some snaps, contributing throughout the ball game. You said it lee has a knack and feel for it, and watches qb eyes, with just catching the ball with his feel and understanding for the game.

    Jason; played good football game, in defnse and kickign game on lee

    Jason, we had some misscommunication on hut set and tony has knack on getting the ball if not getting the ball clean.

    Jason on 12 men, we want to go to next play, so sometimes you go to 25 second clock and not 40 second clock, i was just arguing with the refs you cant call penalty if i call timeout and ref was trying to show me you can, so we had a good argument about that.

    Jason; revis moved with revis in trail technique, but in hindsight decision was alitlte aggressive, but dont think it was about misscommunication, but placement of ball on interception.

    Jason; I will go back and watch itover andover in my mind, and you dont want to throw ball up there, so its hard when they commit 9 men to line of scrimmage, but unfortunatley ball just came out, and we go forward on call we made if we like it.

    Jason; ongoing battle with 32 qbs to be aggresive, understand decision making, with all the great qbs they all have good decision making, but if you throw the ball in right place where only your guy can get it, but your always balancing that where to put the ball or place it, but you dont want to take aggressiveeness from qb..

    Jason, we have film for everthing we do, so a picture prints a thousand words, so a qb you have to remember is playing with a thousand things around him, with tony making some great decisions, but at end of game tony didnt make those right decisions.

    Jason; we have to wait and see what happens with scandrick, but 4 to 6 weeks out possibliity with that type of injury. We have to wait and see with scandrick, just have to wait and see what actual reports are on scandrick.
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    Hate the news on OS.

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