News: 1053thefan:Jason Garrett Press Conf Thursday Morning

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    Jason, kiwolski could start but monioring costa

    jason, they slide the line and qbs get the ball out, we did get close to them, but eli got ball out of his hand. Marquee players get alot of attention and defensive players get attention to, but hopefully we can get better.

    jason, you pressure them different ways, and certain guys get double teamed and other guys have to step up for our defense and your marquee players have to push through and continue to make plays too, paraphrasing

    jason;using our lbs, alittle more in that situation is important for us, concerning bradie and brooking

    jason, had no training camp but coming off knee injury-carter, keep getting experience and made couple of plays other night on special teams but has to get accustomed to the game better for run defense and pass, paraphrasing here

    jason; all teams have that, and certain young players dont know how to sense urgency at end of year, but our veteran players know urgency and make sure we get it done as well as prepare the younger players for this atmosphere at end of year urgency parapharsing here

    jason;tony, i think he has played very well, balanced, making plays and not making bad plays, think he has done that really well last few games this season, made plays with his feet and not making bad plays talking about tony romo

    jason, if your turning ball over, doesnt give you opportunity to punt, so difference between punt or sack, but you cant turn the ball over, and you have to play aggressive and i think we are aggressive and if your asking me, sack is better play than a turnover

    jason, we travel same way

    jason;i think their good, and ronde is a playmaking type guy, plays well outside and when in nickel, and tahib is a pure cover cb, he is big and long and fast and be good challenge for our wrs

    jason;i think most important thing for a coach is to believe in your players and one thing is we believed in players that had to play in place of injured players and they have stepped up

    jason: he will be avialable on kickoff, but we will make some other players available too

    jason, at times very effective, and got to the qb and thats the blitz when you go after the qb and you have to affect the qb in some way or fashion to be successful

    missed first few minutes

    suh on his weekly radio show, did something else, not sure, but going to talk about it on thefan

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