Recap: 1053thefan: Jerry Jones Show Friday Recap - 12/16/11

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    Jerry:i dont know if where i was, but not good for him to hear that, and his friends and associates, was always explenary person for us. I have no detail at all on his activity, but satisfied on our method we want our players to set and appropiate behavior.

    Jerry:i think that uh, we uh, can readily see at times show things that give us that we can compete and we all know what that means, and other teams have same aspriatioins and challenges. There is alot of throwing and catching in nfl, i do though feel like we have to identify and way to get there in time frame and that means we got to start tomorrow.

    Jerry:i dont know any one answer toi that but do better and we can do better because we had 10 to 11 penalities other day.I know you hear we need to play better, but my candid read, i know what were doing and we can improve and our offensive line is getting better, to have costa, kowalski better better and tyron, hopefully defensive some of our secondary is hurt and we can get better, but we cant get anywhere playing way we have last 2 weeks.

    Jerry:what you have it all teams play an umbrella defense and with a high single safety and if you dont bring other one up, you get gutted, so its a game between defense and offense. Sometimes on 3rd down you see that safety come up,some clubs play single coverage with safety, we should play both situations paraphrasing, i remember last yr, had one of best defensive coaches in wade and we were having our issues there.

    Jerry:i know we were playing and having success when ware was gettting his sack number and we need to help him and get more pressure with spencer, and hatcher. He did play restriced last week, hopefuly wont llinger but it can come and go and he is playing with it the stinger.

    Jerry:injuries why question, no i dont has anything to do with lockout, not sure were having any more injuries than last yr, verdict is still out on that as injury this yr.

    Jerry:doug free has had when he misses out there, its glaring, and blind side of qb, but has played better than those missed or glaring plays, he looks bad but has graded better than that and is playing winning football. I am not as hard on doug as some of media has been.

    Jerry:eek:n ratliff, well you had aman and boy going at it,(jerry chuckled on this question and said now you should be able to figure out who is the man and who the boy is when ratliff and calvin watkins got into it) its testy and it should be, thats not a bad thing, theres an edge in that lockier room, someone asked me about feelings other day and im mad, but staff and players havfe to do is do something about it, so lets see if we play better and obviously we have to play or we wont go anywhere. Its not a matter of what i want, its not a dress rehershal and were on the line, in regards to players being tessty or on edge. You know how i feel about media and im very appreciative of media, and these are hard times to come up with answers and if it pushed or pressed and if you dont have answer it gets pressured.

    Jerry:Jerry world remark, jerry laughed, 1 millioneth come in this week, thats pretty easy arithmetic, what is, i had hoped that stadium becuase cowboys play there, would be interesting as stadium even when cowboys dont play, its exciting to see fans come out and we dont have tours every day, we really do pursue, and have about 20 people that make calls a day to come out and do tours. Tours are very eventful paraphrasing and very important and very excited to greet that millioneth visitor. Would like to have olympic swim trials out there, can you imagine filling that thing up and have olympic trials out there. Nothing that we havent talked about trying at jerrys world.

    Jerry:naming rights question, were pretty selective on this and frankly cowboys stadium says it all, probably uh, means so much to us, goingtotake a pretty special situation for someone to use there name there, parpahrasing here. pac allen mayweather, i have talked tohim about having it here, but dynmamic most enthusiased today is mexico, and why so exciting we have finest and when we do fighting-boxing it creates so much more for our mexican cowboys fans endear them to us, so thats why i like fighting in that stadium, man we need this win there.
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    Love what ya do CowboyJoe, but I think we need to take up an offering here at CowboysZone and buy you some Dragon Speech-to-text software.
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    sure could use it buddy, and i appreciate what some of you offered last yr to all chip in and get me a package deal to cowboys game at cowboys stadium, a few fans, just about 2 didnt like it, so i basically called it off, 2 were objecting pretty hard, never been to cowboys stadium, just cost to much you know for the tickets, but i appreciate the thought, thats nice

    i had to move this year, and had to put my mother in nursing home, been pretty hard year, but slowly turning around, and about 10 more days i will have my cowboys war room up, wait till you all see it, if you thought my previous war room was something wait till you see it

    on dragon dictating, i got one, but see my problem is i have spasmodic dysphonia, and my voice is real raspy and difficult to understand, and my thoughts race together due to my spasmodic dysphonia, so thats why i dont write to much stories on my own, the last dragon program i got just didnt really work out, but they say the new one is better for voice, but was afraid to spend another $100 bucks you know on a program that just didnt work, they said at dragon though was better to hearing your voice and better typing stuff,

    id really like to find something so i can record all podcasts for you all like the ones i post from 103.3 espn or cowboys website or mickey or jerry jones recaps when i do them, but so they would be live.

    i am working on with soundcloud to get more space so i can record those podcasts, just cant recap them yet but appreciate the thought and what some of you offered to watch a cowboys game at new cowboys stadium, never been to the new stadium, heard its awesome, but i do have a paver there, my paver says, joe cates sees blue stars with carissa poe :star:
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    CowboyJoe, thanks for all you do. I apprecate it. Keep up the good work. Hope you get a chance to go to Cowboy Stadium sometime.
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    Thanks Joe ---except for those dang inspection stickers -you don't miss much
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    not doing inspections anymore, my mother had to be put in nursing home, she had station/garage/home on reverse mortage, long sad story, so i had to move, basically lost most of my stuff, but able to keep alittle. I did keep most of my cowboys stuff, about another 9 days and will have my cowboys war room up(Ive got everything up except working on my draft stuff, but have all other walls and ceiling covered, whoops gave away some of my surprise), have more stuff than last time and wait till you all see my war room, will blow you all away i think :D
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    Joe sorry to hear about the hard times. We thank you for everything you do.
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    thanks buddy, its a part of life, go cowboys :starspin
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    :) you never know, they keep calling me saying theve got it for just $79.95. Only problem i have is my spasmodic dysphonia, my voice, the dragon doesnt recognize my voice half the time but they say its 100 times better now and types 160 words per minute and recognizes voices better. Anyway i just finished my war room and its in draft section, just a rough draft though, plan to do another one with my big chalk board on draft and my war room after the combine is over, and silverbear and sdogo give us their report.
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    Probably could ignore anything Jerruh says as regards players, FA or Draft as the smoke screen machine is in full bloom.
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    Thanks, Joe
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    Many thanks Joe, and keep up the spirit!
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    This is where Jerry's logic goes wrong, he is too busy looking at those few moments where this team is able to compete with other teams and overlooks the fact that they dont compete when it matters most.

    Every team in the NFL can say there are moments where they look like they can compete with any one.

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