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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Sep 29, 2011.

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    Mickey:well not so much win by 17, but win by 3 i might take you up on that, kinda healthy, only 5 guys not playing, scandrick, austin, dockery, beuhler, and hatcher. If can just hold our ground, will be getting other players ready after bye.

    Cowboys brought in andre holmesafter the vikings cut him to practice squad, but cowboys did look at andre before the draft, who is about 6-6, they have him in playing calvin johnson, so defenders can prepare for covering calvin johnson, (holmes was one of my pet cats). Anyway, alan ball might be tallest cb at 6-1, so your not gonna grow anybody to cover this guy high up, so you had better go get stafford.

    Their starting ROT got pulled, and playing hillarid some but he played badly too, , but cherius is playing back some now, with jeff backus playing some now, after poor effort against jared allen. Get this, backus struggled against vikings due to crowd noise. HINT, cowboys fans, they had 2 false starts. Their running game was awful, last week.

    This will be their 3rd of 4 games on the road. So, this should be cautionary tale to everyone who puts down a win, on schedule. I always caution dont do that W and L thing early.

    Mickey:absoulutely defense has to win game again, giveme 19-16 game, maybe ugly but I would take that if cowboys win. At some point, bailey might miss a kick, but my homespun physolophy, you might miss one, so dont count on him doing that many kicks again.

    Dez was limited in practices again, so same song and dance with wrs, so field goal kickers, and testing dbs again. FB was limited in practice with hamstring.

    Jason Witten didnt show up on this injury report because he has bruised ribs, but parcells probably taught him my TE's dont get hurt. i was talkingto randy white, he broke first bone in his foot on legends,(a little bone, but randy said, nah thats nothing, ive got to play or my teammates might give me a hard time playing with alittle bone broken in my foot) so randy didnt miss the game, just tape it up, one game randy turned and harvey martin was side randy, randy saw harvey's finger was bent at 90 degree angle. Randy told harvey you got to go get that thing fixed, and harvey replied, no ive got to finsih this series.
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    One thing I'm really starting to like about this team is their toughness (Romo, Jenkins, Witten, etc...). I think this will do wonders later in the season when it gets colder and players start having to be tougher from a mental standpoint. Other teams may not be as mentally tough as us.
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    Thanks Joe...nice recap.

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