Recap: 1053thefan: Mickey Spagnola Friday Afternoon Recap

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Dec 2, 2011.

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    Mickey:They have some players hurt on the cardinals and they had to bring up some players to play for the cardinals team.

    Not so much players in the secondary that I fear but you have to be aware of their secondary because they will challenge you like jerry jones said earlier today, paraphrasing here.

    Mickey:I think since they brought up chapas they will play him, and with injured list already of austin, fiammeatta, kitna and tanner out, and possibly brent, that would paraphrasing here, show that the cowboys plan to play chapas. They probably will activate DE Geathers if Brent cant play, so that leaves one player to deactivate for the game, probably leaving Kowalkski or loper etc...

    Mickey:they have tried to lessen the cast on sean lee's hand but last week when they cut down the cast, his fingers were exposed at practice and sean feared that he could get his fingers broken due to not being able to control his fingers in open cast but i am hearing, paraphrasing that the cowboys have improved on the cast so probably be lesser of a cast so sean lee can use his fingers and tackle, grab etc...

    Mickey, I say 23-20 and will be a dog fight, used to cowboys played this team twice a yr, but now, last 2 years having played out in arizona, always been a dog fight and close game. I say that the cowboys will hang on at the end with a win. And I think all of these other games will be close games, so better get used to it at this time of year and who they have to play.

    I missed a few minutes, was lunch time.
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    :laugh2: thanks Joe!
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    yw buddy

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