Recap: 1053thefan: Mickey Spagnola Friday Afternoon Recap

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    Mickey, we got a woo pick suhey hoh? yeah i heard he will be with jimmy johnson tonight on fox i think

    Mickey;their is never a 10 week rest when concerns cowboys fans, were about a week down and i can sense bitterness in true fan, and with cowboys not on tv will still rub the fans

    mickey, yeah when fans heard jones qb going back into senior year, so that might put them in position next yr, parphasing, game monday night boatload of defensive players, oh yeah, everybody can be their own gm, yeah, you can manage as gm better than jerry, we sit here, but for fan this is their season, all over combine, seniorbowl and dont overlook it, i tell you fans will be up on this, yeah you got that right mick

    mickey: 97 pecent from fans-newman, and chauncey washinton, frank walker, mickey said there was some deep thinking on those decisions, yeah keepers were murray, lee and dez, robinson, witten, ware and bailey and romo to keep remarks from fans poll, but get rid of some other players paraphrasing

    mickey, give me cincy their andy dalton, im going to take saints at home hard to beat ion the dome, take falcons on that one, thats right i was right when i took giants over cowboys, denver game question, anyone going to score, i think their will be a safety in there and i will take steelers, cotton bowl i like kansas st mick says, big 12 has been hot, only 1 loss right,

    micky, national game, mick says lsu, they should have home advantage i think right, and i know its hard to beat same team twice, and points to lsu, but will come down to qb
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    See the signature, Mickey.

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