Recap: 1053thefan:Mickey Spagnola Friday Morning Recap

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    Mickey:Well, you go forward, still alittle uneasy about defense and need their reiforcements with austin and jenkins. But what got them in trouble bailed them out and romo came alive and murray came alive. Giving up more yards on defense, and if cowboys dont make goallie stand at 3 yard line their going to have to come down and score td instead of field goal. They have to do better if they want to win the nfc east. Most concering thing is defense, but saying that they just gave up 19 points. Theve got to improve and secondary got to improve and be God send when Jenkins returns. Offensively their shotty, seems like qb and wr are on same page, but when time to move football and get goinjg they were awfully good.

    Mickey:When you false start is pretty easy to get penalities, what were there 9 or 10 false starts, cowboys had about 6 or so. How do you tell a guy not to false start, you can do that till your blue in the face, just dont know how you prevent that. Little ticky taky ones are the hold by elam and interfernce because why, cowboyis were getting beat. Yeah, why false starts at home.

    Mickey:I am thinking if planned delay when dez came out on punt return, he would have already had his chin strap buttoned up so i think its a last minute thing they decided. I think you just have to take advantage of dez, he sees things other players dont see. I was surprised felix didnt return, but didnt seee like he had any omph to him and quickness back. They struggled to run the ball, with murray only avg 3 yards, then 5 in last series, then they run when they had to, what happened and why? thats pretty good stuff from a rookie when he fell down because he didnt want to go out of bounds. I think its a pretty significant thing for a rookie rb to do that and fall down because most times takes a rb 3 years or more to fall down in that situation. Yeah, they are kinda worried that flaemmeate cant return and their trying to get chapas ready to bring up from the practice squad. I dont think you can find a fullback out there now at this stage of the year.
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    Is Chapas any good??? I mean geesh! Fiammatta is a big blow.
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    right now chapas as i understand it or in preseason and training camp wasnt strong enough, chapas would get into the hold and meet the lb or whoever to block but there was no big pop or movement of the linebacker to open up the hole

    my understanding from what mickey said, their trying to speed up chapas learning of plays and get him alittle stronger in limited time they have

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