Recap: 1053thefan:Mickey Spagnola Friday Morning Recap

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    Mickey, like running game because not only getting fiammetta back but austin back to spread the field. I think cowboys have played well at home and will do good in this game paraphrasing here. How robinson shoulder is going to affect robinson, he should be not practicing till sunday,so they dontwant to put him through needless pain, so he will go back to 3rd wr slot, and allow 3 incredible wrs on field and open up things for witten.

    Mickey:ware back in practice, austin and fiammetta back at practice wednsday and thursday, bennett and mccray questionable, and lee back with a cast less or cut down cast, elam will be back for the game due to his fathers death.

    giants rbs both havent practiced and jacobs has hamstring, lbs boley and herzlich not practicing and center bass not practicing either.

    Mickey:a writer wrote that if cowboys and giants coach dont make the playoffs they both could get fired, no, i think as much as jerry has groomed jason for thejob, i cant see that happening, and as bad as this team was last yr, I know its 7-5, but what did you predict this team, i had 9-7 mickey said, one writer said 10-6, or 9-7looks good and they fought through a bunch of injuries and if u look at it, austin hasnt played a bunch, and other wr is so raw and their qb got hurt but see if now if their healthier, and one thing i lost track of, rushing tds is 4, no their season low is 6, so their real close to it, fact they havent rushed for td since buffalo and 1 td rushing in last 6 games, so thats real hard, im not talking about running ball in from 2, but from 12 yard line.

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