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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Sep 2, 2011.

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    Mickey:i would imagine one kicker is david beuhler, and would imagine if they keep a 2nd kicker, only other consistent kicker was dan bailey, so not sure if you want a kicker that hasnt kicked in league before, graham didnt really do anything and dave wayner was a washout. With beuhler kicking way he did, i think solidfied him as kicker. I wouldnt feel good about adding another kicker, but if was me, i would go with beuhler. Unfortunate kickers had to kick where they did in the dirt, and your plant foot kicked, and we dont know how they did in practice, so that could factor in.

    Mickey:if cowboys keep 2 kickers, maybe cut at defensive back, where our cowobys 5th cb or safety are no brainers because none of those players stepped up at that position. so, i might have to look at waiver wire to see if i can find a guy at that 5th position. Like do they go long at lb, if they cut albright to waive him to sneak onto practice squad, but ithink albright did enough at linebacker to make team.

    Mickey:looked like radaway would make the team so that changes things, think comes down to manny johnson and jessie holley, if was me i would keep holley on his special teams. On radaway, he broke 2 bones, his fibula and tibula, so they flew him in on jerry jones private jet to get him worked on right away.
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    I would ONLY keep ONE freaking kicker, this is just ridiculous!

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    keeping two gives you more immediate options. yeah it does tie up a roster slot but we actually are not that tight this year on guys we really need to keep.
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    They moved the dang kick off line up 5 yds to essentially do away with the kick off specialist and injuries and we still have to keep 2 kickers. Jeez.

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