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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Sep 21, 2011.

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    Mickey; on shechfter accuracy, not 100 percent and in our business suppose to be 100 percent, but adam is about 90 percent. I think though tony will try to be out there, i think his thorax stuff was overblown by cowboys, and you can take something to lessen the pain and put on a flax jacket. I think he will play and manage the pain and try to play. I dont know saying that what they had to do to treate thorax issue, but if still air around lungs he isnt playing, but if was serious yesterday, he wouldnt have flown back on the plane.

    Mickey:havent done anything today at wr position today, and dont feel good probably signing wr robinson, and looks like austin isnt playing and at best, best dez is 50/50, so you might see harris, holley, robinson running around out there, so good luck with that, if dez doesnt play. Must be awfully big, on dez quad contusion, i want to see him run and do things newman has been doing last 2 weeks, but dez hasnt been able to run yet, so till he does, doesnt look good at inexperience at wr position.

    dez didnt do any running, and either after game or here on monday his walk was like a shuffle. So for wr if your wheels arent running, your not playing. Like jenkins said i just wished i could get my knee right, so if you cant run, your not playing. On wearing thigh pads now, you saw dez on uniform he didnt have the pads on, so this injury will slow you down even more than wearing the thigh pads in the first place. I dont know if they will make the wrs wear the pads now or not, but best i could tell austin wasnt wearing his pads either. I know they think as a player with thigh pads slows you down, but injury slows you down even more. I had first 23 plays, they totaled 24 yards, 4 negative plays, hold, interception, etc... Last 6 down plays were 120 yards, they just werent very good on first downs.

    I think in jets game when they saw dez hurt, make sure they cant run the ball with 8 guys in the box, so is that reason passing game flourished because they couldnt run, but they have to do a better job, you have to be effective, maybe not run for awhole lot of yards, but be effective. I always thought this offensive line would struggle till they get to the bye, with all the young guys, with dockery now starting, with tyron and nagy hurt now, but you saw them try to do something with miles, murray in there, so they tried to do something different. Their end around or reverse isnt working, but they keep working on it.
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    thanks for the recap joe...
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    yw buddy:)
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    I thought we had signed WR Robinson... We released McCann for him. And how is Tyron hurt?
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    typo, whoops sorry

    nagy is still hurt,
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    He was only talking about plays on 1st down here.

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