Recap: 1053thefan: Mickey Spagnola recap

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Sep 22, 2011.

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    Mickey:romo thinks its all about dealing with pain and ready to go, so get ready to go and play. We will find out more today when they practice. You will find out next couple of days if you can play starting today, but doesnt sound like austin isnt playing. I think i heard jason say if that thing should drain it should be good to go on dez injury, maybe turned black and blue, so get it out so dez can go. Find out if terence can play today and on offensive line, can costa go, or make a move if nagy is ready to go at center, but if nagy isnt healthy you got kilowaski in there at center.

    mickey, hall isnt first guy to say that for going after someone ribs, like diron talbert saying they would knock roger staubach out of the game. Look guys talk, but i guess he is going to be blitzing alot and guy talk,, but its the dumbest thing ive ever heard, if hall goes after romo or another player. Like when romanski was at denver, and took a cheap shot at somebody, so cowboys decided, they would pull larry allen and say go get him larry, what goes around comes around.

    mickey, biggest surprise i would like to say is sean lee, was starting to make tackles, and last few games making tackles last yr, but these 2 games total was like 15 tackles so thats huge. So, maybe rotate bradie and brooking and keep lee in there. I dont know if cowboys miss bowen, he had a sack and half last year, and he was their designated pass rusher, but not a good run stopper, i think he has 3 tackles for washington right now, so for him to make the money he is now, dont know that he is.

    mickey; girl on rob ryans play sheet? then next to it golden gate bridge, maybe i havent seen that one on rob ryans play sheet.

    mickey on late call to miles austin saying he didnt like that, or 10 plays he called, yeah when you call 65 plays and any caller is 66 for 66, then id like to meet him, go play madden and see how good you are. I thought it was refreshing when jason admitted that on austin call. They have to average more on rushing plays on offense, or everyone pins their ears back and come after the qb.

    for those interested at 9 am or so lavar arrington will be on giving his keys to the game, i will not be posting that unless its something big or you can listenm live at
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    doesn't sound like Austin is playing? Or did you mean doesn't sound like Austin isn't playing
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    mickey said way it sounds, austin is not playing, and not sure about dez either, way mickey said it, when jason garrett said that maybe they needed to drain his thigh contusion because was black and blue and isnt getting better, so not sure if dez is going to play either

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