Recap: 1053thefan:Mickey Spagnola Thursday Afternoon Recap

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    Mickey:Injury standpoint, austin and fiammeatta on stationary bikes, about a week, tanner and brent now out there. Jenkins did return and bruce carter did return limited with a knee,and no kitna.

    Mickey;in back of their mind i think cowboys thought kolb would play, not sure if you prepare significantlly different, however skelton had back to back interception returns for scores i think. Kolb will give you trouble but how much?

    Mickey:majority of mcbrairs kicks were good and working on getting them out of bounds, and he says his knee isnt bothering him now. Avg 41 yards a kick last few games, even wiht the shank, but if you try to angle ball out of bounds, you have to be careful because if your off that thing goes straight out of bounds.

    Mickey:i would imagine dez wont go down knowing its him against peterson now, and they even lined up peterson in wildcat, on offense, at wr, and flanked him at rb wide. So, that will be something else to watch.

    Mickey:phillips better at lead block with get off time in hole and if your 6-7 like bennett, your to tall and possibly not quick enough to get in the hole, but bennett is better at line of scrimmage. Because that lead blocker must get to the hole quickly for the rb to open things up.

    Mickey:if cowboys run table question-at this time last yr they were 3-8, but you know if packers go unbeaten, can you beat packers in frozen trunda paraphrasing here. Mention of 49ers, etc.... cowboys defense on road they havent been very good, and its not all on defense, but given up 25 points agame and you cant keep scoring 27 pts etc, just to much defense giving up on the road. If you think your a good defense its time to slam the door.

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