Recap: 1053thefan: Mickey Spagnola Thursday Morning Recap

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    Mickey:You know i am sorta torn on that, to me you have to go out and play the game, gain some momentum and some confidence if you beat the eagles, but if you have opportunity to rest some guys here and there, you take that change, but dont risk losing the games if giants lose, dont know if this team is so good you can turn it on and off.

    Mickey:i think the cowboys took opportunity to give them some rest in tampa bay game, being cautious for felix and on and off the record they are confident i am told he can play, but having said that you have in back of you r mind how much you play him and how they had chanuncey washtington practicing on 1st teams special teams, they might move him up. Ratliff and ware are ready to go.

    Mickey, dont know that players are sick of answering jerry jones being scared, but i think jason garrett is sick of it, but i think the players just swab it off, and if your scared to play attitude your beaten already and doesnt when somebody tell you that, doesnt it make you play harder. So, you know what cowboys showed nothing in that cowboys eagles first game in competitiveness, paraphrasing, and i looked at 6 games eagles played they were human and teams scored a bunch of tds against them so somebody found something. Their talking about rex now and coughlin, and players just smile and say we will go out and play.

    Mickey:13 sacks question-mickey says they didnt deal with it very well first time and sacked tony 4 times and 3 of them first half, so didnt do well there, i think they have done somewhat better, but if they get pressure up the middle, that causes problems, and that has been key for defenses to make sure you get pressure up the middle, and did a terrible job of handling stunts up the middle. You had better not fallo 21-0 early and be able to run the ball, but problem was they fell behind early and had to abandon the run.

    Mickey:he is doing ok, the knuckle that has bothered him is large, so they wrap it up. Yeah right do it in offseason move him to LOT and free to ROT, and thing to remember he just turned 21 last week and you have in back of your mind at some point he will be your future LOT and we have seen how well doug free played ROT.

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