Recap: 1053thefan:Mickey Spagnola Thursday Morning Recap

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    Mickey:thought he was being awfully truthful (do you think cowboys can go into ny with mcgee and win?), was just being honest.

    MIckey, did get through practice, limited, and give a few snaps to mcgee, and my understanding was throwing well and robinson said he couldnt tell difference when romo threw the ball. How well is he taking snap from center and you can elivate that by going shotgun. Can you continue get therapy and ice pression treatment, and you dont play game in bubble and how does hand react, does it swell up because you know he is going to get hit again, and its the swelling they have to deal with.

    Mickey:spencers fine question-yeah i mean face mask happen in game right and i thought for unnecessary roughness and i cant believe they let him get by with that one, but because vick complained, they got him, but he let go of face mask and question by mickey is every face mask fined?

    Mickey:yeah there is a distinction of no more 5 yard or 10 yard face mask penalty, but they will call the helmet to helmet penalty.

    Mickey, on dez lawsuit, most of this stuff happened before he came to the cowboys, talk about with him getting drew rosenhaus question is it to get a new contract, mickey says i cant imagine its for that, because what has dez really done, nah, changing agents isnt about getting a new contract, its change agent that probably has gotten him in trouble paraphrasing or allowing him to get in trouble, on question they dont allow agents to get in touch with players in college, mickey says how about after dez was suspended,

    Mickey;lee was ill, dont know if stomach virus or what, no, dont think its a fiammaetta mystery illness, and held out ware, ratliff, to get some rest and one more day maybe for mccray, and miss him on special teams

    Mickey; question on felix injury;mickey they limited him and didnt look liek he was hurt when ran ball on saturday, maybe chauncey on special teams and all indications felix was ready to go, but to me if he was hurt he wouldnt stand on sidelines whole game, would have instead gone into locker room to get ice or whatever

    Mickey:sceens you get them out in space, trick plays question too-mickey says you have to be careful, this isnt a bowl game where colleges pull out everything, and where air force tried to run pitch on 2 pt play, and he threw it,

    Mickey, think your prepared for plays like that, and do you get into right situation to call it, and if you get desperate nothing has happened and you try something, if i see mcbrair running with the ball i know something is wrong, depends on what situation is and you got to play to win, and yeah go for it for 4th down late in the game if needed paraphrasing, he has attempted 3 50 yard plus field goals, yeah you dont have to make the call, and pay for it if you miss the call, i always tells fans, its easy to say hindsight, but put your weeks salary on that call

    Mickey:not so much when you play giants or jets and its their crowd, and can be intimatidating, and they just need to get through that first emotional blast and get through that first qtr blast from fans standing up adn yelling and giants playing with emotion, they did this last yr and went up there and beat them, but supposdely giants grabbed allo this emotion but lost playing to redskins, but to me comes down to how the cowboys defense plays
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    Thanks for taking the time, Joe...:starspin
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    yw buddy:)
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    Coach Mickey Spags....:ralph:
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    on a funny note, media announcer gave mickey a new nickname, mickey swags, because he said mickey has swag:)

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