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    Mickey:I am sure cowboys will have some congintency plan in place if redskins try to eliminate costas snap count. But havent heard anything else like that happening since the skins game, so basically pretty quiet.

    Mickey:They basically rested Kosier again like they did last 3 weeks and holland had the flu.

    Mickey:they have to finish drives, and barely won on 6 field goals last cowboys skins game, and felix rushed for 115 yards on just 14 carries i think mickey said, and felix was moving around yesterday but limited yesterday. I think cowboys will run the ball and key thing finish drives and defense get pressure. The skins have only scored 4 tds last few games and hard time moving football, with players like moss, cooley, hightower out.

    Mickey:you could make a point and they did give cowboys trouble last game and they have a good defense, and orakpo and karrigan gave them some trouble last game, choice says he is ready by the way its his birthday sunday, if skins lose, do you all think cowboys fans could sing choice happy birthday at end of game like cowboys fans did for theismann years ago. Spears talked about choice and we know he will be talking, he is going to try to get us and were going to try to get him.

    Mickey:aoa didnt get much of opportunity, and all but one was a touchback and for some reason kickers dont give cowboys much of a return to return kicks, but if they get opportunity, but you might i think put dez back there or hey if felix isnt do much, put him back there to run the football on kickoff.

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