Recap: 1053thefan, Mickey Spagnola Tuesday Morning Recap

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Dec 20, 2011.

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    Mickey: defensive adjustments to debate where they came out aggressive and didnt work because vick did well, and they have to understand eagles are going to spread out the cowboys defense, and when they go to dime defense, with offense playing 3 wrs, the cowboys had church, but church is out, and mcray is banged up, so what do you do, and you have to take on mccoy to, so what will be the riddle that rob ryan does to take care of the eagles 3 wrs, but take care of mccoy to and doesnt use same blueprint his brother used for jets. they scored on first 6 possessions in the game and cowboys had no solution, and you cant fritter away offensive possessions, and cowboys didnt even have the ball first 18 minutes. I think offense line is better, better with fiammaetta and keep ball away from eagles.

    Mickey:usually when you do alot of blitzing, you dont want to leave everyoine in man coverage, so that trend, the safeties play so deep, then the middle of the field is wide open, and if lbs are blitzing, your cbs have alot to cover, and you give wr a release to outside or inside of middle of field, you cant do that and they have to do better job of jammming their wrs.

    Mickey: you got to make them respect the run first of all, and you have to be effective and that will slow down pass rush,because first time the eagles sacked vick 4 times too, i think costa has improved, and they have to use that fb to help run the ball but counter and use 2 Tes to create less of an angle for eagles de to rush wider more and they have to be solid in the middle to keep the eagles from rushing up the middle like they did the last time.
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    Good stuff Joe, thanks.
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    yw buddy

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