Recap: 1053thefan:Mickey Spagnola Wednesday Afternoon Recap

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    Mickey, flat cast on tyron smith, im told he has one bone broken in his fingers. flammeatta was out there on special teams at upback on protection in punt drills and looked good and at fullback played some im told and austin was back out there. Didnt see ware or robinson.

    Mickey;have to do better job covering and pressure on qb, You cant allow eli to sit there and throw the ball, he had 12 plays last time against cowboys over 25 yardss, romo is about 97.6 and eli is right there at 96.

    Micky;dont know if that doesnt come into their thoughts on hate, but they understand its a rival and they need to win and giants are a rival team.

    Mickey;they lost 4 in a row, id rather see ball in hands of thunder than lightning because he goes sideways, but bradshaw scares me the most, alittle mccoy in him, bennie wells didnt cause a problem, and again i go back you want to pass rush and get to eli paraphrasing here

    Mickey:eek:f guys going to heismann i would take the honey badger, he makes plays at cb or punt returner and instincts you cant teach,and for cowboys to get better, thats where i would spend my money

    cowboys are playing on, week by week, not sure if you say rebuilding, but defense is about same and you added to it and that piece at RT looks pretty good, and holland playing ok and kosier still taking his wednesdays off, but you know im looking there and larry allen was standing there, and i said, you know, cant you put on your uniform and play, larry allen still looked good and like he could play and be better than kosier or holland at og

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