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    Mickey: tony romo is what, snake bitten, careless, noble for taking responsibility on last interception, my understanding was suppose to be a 10 to 12 yard comeback route, but you have to actually see it before you throw it. Dez had some shell coverage on him, so dez ran up field instead of actual route, so they gave away that last quarter. The fumble, didnt force the ball, so he left the ball out and fumbled but you got to know your in easy field goal range and not turn the ball over.

    Miles Austin turned the wrong way, if he had turned in instead of out, would have been a TD. Witten said, gosh if i had just ran it in, and i told witten if he had just turned inside, he could have ran over safety leonard instead of leonard pushing witten out of bounds.

    They were moving the football, dez injured thigh early, and went in lockerroom, and got IV, dont know if bad thigh caused the interception, and miles austin was eating up cromatie. I guess nbc made an issue of it about whether or not dez should have been out there injured.

    Dez on punt returns, but gosh, you hate to take him off of something that works well sometimes, but you cant keep getting him injured. At times they had harris out there on punt returns.

    On goal line play calling, when does that come into question? I think maybe they thought they didnt have power to punch it in endzone, which basically they dont, this is where you need a big bruising fullback.

    Jenkins, dont know if he gets blind sides, and he hurt his shoulder, but comes back and makes nice tackle. I thought he was done, and think scandrick will be out good length of time, their not sure if high ankle sprain or ankle fracture, so their going to get another MRI today.

    The cowboys hung in there, and defense did good, really just gave up 17 points, and just didnt hold fort down at end of drive.
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    I have been loud critic of Dez Bryant being on special teams.... He doesn't understand how to live to see another play.

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