11 weeks post kidney transplant.....

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    and still going strong :starspin

    Thursday was 11 weeks since my kidney transplant (tx), and everything has been going great! The only minor 'setback' was about 4 to 6 weeks post tx when I am pretty sure I had some mild food poisoning. I honestly can't believe how smoothly everything has gone. My creatinine (crud in the blood) has stayed between .95 and 1.1 (It was 1.2 and 1.3 about 3 weeks after tx but since then it has stayed 1.1 and under). This range is GREAT!!!! Honestly in my 36 years I don't think it has ever been that low!

    I have been cleared to go back to work (thank GOD!!!). It is pretty sickening that my so called disability pretty much pays for my medical insurance (Medicare and a supplemental insurance) and medicine copays. I qualify for Medicare for 3 years post tx, after that I better pray to the good Lord that I have good medical insurance. Sadly, this is why many transplants fail.... many people can't afford the medicine after the 3 years..... I take 14 different perscriptions... the cost for the three antirejection medications are $1700, $1700 and $900 ... PER MONTH!!!!!! I also have been taking Valcyte for 3 months and that is $700 per month.....thank God we qualified for the pharmacudial assistance on that one! I know it is not the governments responsibility to help us kidney patients out with this forever (but who could possibly afford this medication on their own???), but it is much more expensive for the government to pay for dialysis when that kidney fails.... Meds would be about $ 5000 per month when dialysis cost $10,000 per month easily. There is a representative out there right now pushing for Medicare to continue paying for the antirejection meds for life. I sure hope that passes! I have N E V E R been one to rely on the government to pay my way in life... but right now I am forced to. I have worked my whole adult life (as many of you) most times I worked 2 jobs. It is hard to swallow that now I have to depend on others for help. I just wasn't raised like that... but, oh well... I have swallowed my pride and accepted the help I have been given because I must. Anyways... as I was saying, I have been cleared to work and I am SOOOOO excited!!! I can't go back to work with the kids, because of too much risk for infection. I am pretty bummed about that, but what can I do?!?!?! It is funny tho.... at 36 years of age, I went on my second... yes second.... job interview of my life 2 weeks ago :lmao2: I have been on 4 interviews in the last two weeks (realllly did not anticipate it would be this difficult to find a job). I had one interview Wednesday for a job that I would LOVE!!!! I should hear if I get the job or not Monday morning. Please... yall have been so supportive.... please say a little prayer that I get this job. I would really love it. I was always raised to be honest, so when I go to interviews, I tell them about my kidney transplant..... maybe that is why I am having a hard time finding employment! But, on this interview, they knew before they scheduled the interview that I had a kidney tx.... so that is good :) If you are wondering what kind of job it is, it would be a property evidence clerk for our local Sheriff's office. That kind of work excites me! Again, please say a prayer for me. If I don't get a job soon, I don't know what I am going to do. Sadly, I had to take a loan out on my 403b to pay the bills. I was the primary bread winner in our household so my income being gone has put a major strain on our finance situation. Good thing my husband has been working 70 hour weeks.... the OT has kept our head above water... but the slow season is coming and I HAVE to have a job by then.

    Okay, I have rambled on and on and on... so I will close for now. Thanks for the support and prayers you have given through all this..... I hope I continue to get your prayers. I will let yall know when I am again a contributing member of society ;)
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    That is good news. Keep doing what they tell you.
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    I'm glad to hear you're doing better. My best wishes for your job search. I hope you get what you want.
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    Great news, milady... keep fighting the good fight...
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    Great news....thanks for the update
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    Very good news indeed. Continued good luck!
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    Glad you're feeling well. You have our support!
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    Excellent news, and I hope you get that job you want.
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    Thank y'all for the support. I didn't get the call today about the job I wanted. I will call them in the morning. I can't stand this 'wait and see'. I have put off other jobs because I didn't want to take another job when I really wanted this one. I will get up early and put on my interview attire and hit the grindstone if I find out I wasn't selected for this job.

    Again... thanks for the support... it means alot :)
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    Sending good thoughts your way for the job you really want. Tho it sounds like now might not be the time to put off other positions if you can get the work.

    And if all fails, maybe you should look into Temporary agencies just to get some income rolling and get back in the habit of working on a daily basis after such a long lay off.

    I'm really, really happy your health has improved so much. Gonna keep sending good thoughts your way for your health as well...

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