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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Apr 24, 2012.

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    - Basically said don't reach for a need, go with your draft board.

    - Draft replacements for Spencer and Jenkins so that you have leverage.

    - Jerry Jones listens to the person who has his "ear" last. It was suggested that he should listen to his scouts more and the people who are involved in the whole draft prep process. Last year, Jerry Jones called Barry Switzer to make sure he was making the right pick when he drafted DeMarco Murray.
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    So that seems to nick saban this year with jason going to the alabama pro day
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    Ok, ive finished posting all podcasts, draft stuff i could find for today, now listening.

    Talked about romo on his press conf: Seeing a guy who is getting purpose of leadership and urgency with prime years and coming to grip with how many superbowl wins you have, his sole job and how he will be judged in regards to aikman and staubach. Bring his teammates along, but evolved and ready for challenge.

    3 things cowboys must do at end of day on sunday they must accomplish:
    Main thing 2 guys to be starters, doesnt matter, c, de, s, lot of different spots, and dont reach for need. Go with the board and put themselves in position to have leverage against spencer and jenkins next yr so dont have to probably overpay

    Draft day, alot of it is jerry jones listens to last person that has his ear, but wade had his ear and jason williams, and when calling barry switzer jerry called him, when you pay people year round to make these evaluations in your scouting dept, not that he is power hungry, but listens to many people

    smoaky said he thinks jerry calls around till he gets someone that agrees with him,
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    It's going to be amazing to see how much Tony Romo 'matures' if this team ever gets to a Superbowl.
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    To have a source on a player and not use that source would be stupid. Everyone would do what Jerry did.
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    I guess Jerry called the right people last year.
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    I think of all the DFW media types McMahon is the least insightful.

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