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    First, thank you for visiting my thread. One of my favorite things about football is the scouting and drafting of young college talent to my beloved team. I'm also very happy to have found a website with people who share my curiosity and whose opinions and critiques, both good and bad, shape my opinion of who the Boys should pick. So, here we go.

    With the 18th pick... Dallas selects Chance Warmack, OG Alabama. No need to discuss how much we need this guy. If for nothing else, it will silence all of us who have been screaming for better interior line help for the past 3 years.

    47th pick... Ezekial Ansah, DE BYU. I think (or hope) this dude drops. A Manster who has only begun to tap his potential, yet were discussing him as a top 50 pick. Yea, he'll be demanding double teams by October of 2013.

    TRADE: Miles Austin and a 2014 2nd and 3rd round pick has been traded to Pittsburgh for their 2013 2nd and 4th pick.

    48th pick (Pittsburgh)... Da'rick Rogers, WR Tennessee Tech. I'd rather have Justin Hunter, but I'd believe he'd be long gone by now. Anyways, we gotta guy here that looks Dezish! Good build and looks to be able to get into position much like our own 88. Yea, he likes the ganja; who doesn't. He'll just have to learn, and that is something that I believe Jimmy Robinson, Garrett and his peers can do.

    TRADE: Jay Ratliff and a 2013 5th and 2014 4th has been traded to Oakland for their 2013 3rd and 6th pick.

    66th pick (Oakland)... Alvin Bailey, OG/C Arkansas. This is my guy. His footage is not very prevalent on YouTube, but his credentials are huge and his character is shown in his interviews. He would be great value and much needed for our decimated O-line.

    80th pick...Mike Gillislee, RB Florida. Watch footage of the way this guy runs and see how he can get up field with a one cut move. He would be a fantastic compliment to Demarco. Retain Tanner for short yardage gain, as well as Vickers, and you have a great RB core.

    111th pick...Shawn Williams, S Georgia. I was originally more a fan of Phillip Thomas from Fresno and even Shamarko Thomas for Syracuse, but after reading a few threads on this site, I found many man crushes on this safety. Then I watched the video, and now I have a crush. He can cover, he can ball hawk, he can hit, and...he is a good safety at great value. He will succeed in the 4-3.

    112th pick (Pittsburgh) Devin Taylor, DE South Carolina. SC Dlineman make me happy; there is always a good one, and this one is good. I like his measurables and his motor. He is a poor mans Dion Jordan and he could make Spencer expendable (though he would make better teammates; Spencer needs to get paid). Another great value pick if he's here.

    175th pick (Oakland) Josh Boyd, DT MSU. He looks like a J Ratliff to me, and his pass rushing abilities as a big man would only make this new look defense better.

    Thank you, I will be posting again.

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    Sorry, the 175 pick is our original pick. With Oaklands 161st pick that we received, Dallas gets.... D.J. Swearinger, S South Carolina. Hard hitting Safety with good coverage skills. We can always use another one. Especially now if we're running a 4-3.
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    The guys you want to trade dont have a fraction of that trade value.
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    The players that you picked are all good ones; however,

    Garrett = No Ganja players.

    Shawn Williams and Swearinger will get drafted earlier.

    Austin and Ratliff don't have trade value due to their contracts and injury history.

    You can't trade away half of the 2014 draft picks.
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    If you look he is saying Austin PLUS our 2nd and 3rd for a 2nd and 4th.

    Although Ratliff probably would be traded for a 5th or 6th straight up.
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    Welcome to the board. I appreciate the thought, but if we are trading Austin, Ratliff and what seems like all of the 2014 draft, we should come away from this draft with SO much more talent.
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    Well thank you for having me.

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