2004-2014: The "What-if Dynasty" Cowboys' roster of the decade.

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TheDoctor, Apr 7, 2014.

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    Well this is definitely off-season and with the sad state of our Cowboys for the last 20 years it's time to fantasize.

    With the emergence of parity and lack of recent dynasties, give me your All Decade (2004-2014) Dallas Cowboys' starting roster and coaching staff that could have very well become a dynasty.

    These are the rules: Only QB, RB, and TE can have an alternate player. Also use the corresponding year to each player(ex. '07 Tony Romo or '11 Tony Romo)

    Here's my list...

    QB: '09 Tony Romo
    QB2: '05 Drew Bledsoe

    RB: '07 Marion Barber
    RB2: '13 Demarco Murray
    FB: '11 Tony Fiammetta

    TE: '07 Jason Witten
    TE2: '05 Dan Campbell

    WR: '13 Dez Bryant
    WR2: '07 Terrell Owens
    WR3: '06 Terry Glenn

    LT: '04 Flozell Adams
    LG: '04 Larry Allen
    C: '07 Andre Gurode
    RG: '13 Brian Waters
    RT: '13 Tyron Smith

    Under the 4-3 defense

    DT: '04 La'roi Glover
    DT: '09 Jay Ratliff
    LE: '11 Demarcus Ware

    ROLB: '12 Anthony Spencer
    MLB: '11 Sean Lee
    LOLB: '04 Dat Nguyen

    CB: '12 Brandon Carr
    CB2: '07 Terence Newman
    CB3: '05 Aaron Glenn

    FS: '07 Ken Hamlin
    SS:'04 Roy Williams

    K: '12 Dan Bailey
    P: '10 Matt McBriar
    KR: '07 Tyson Thompson
    PR: '13 Dwayne Harris

    Coaching staff
    Head Coach: Bill Parcells
    Offensive Coordinator: Sean Payton
    Defensive Coordinator: Rob Ryan
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    Man, seeing that list (the actual players, not your work) really drives home why the Cowboys have been average for so long.

    Outside of the expected All-Pros, there are some truly less-than-stellar "star" players.
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    Brian Waters's season, in which he played only 7 games, is the best guard we can muster? Ouch.
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    I'll be watching this thread with interest. Great idea. I'd contribute but it's 1:25am and I'm on the throne on my phone. FYI, I know.
  5. Wolfpack

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    This is a good off season thread, thanks for posting.

    I'd add the following:

    Kosier at guard.
    Allen Ball as your starting FS (kidding!!!!!, what genius thought that was going to turn out ok?:) )
    Scandrick is a better 3rd CB option than Glenn (who was done when he got here).
    Greg Ellis at DE was a solid player.
  6. guag

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    I'd almost like to see an all-garbage list of starters for this period too. Jacques Reeves anyone?
  7. OhSnap

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    I was having a great morning and enjoying your post then I got down guard. Didn't see Leonard Davis. I'll prolly start drinkin before lunchtime again because of this. Thanks. I thought the list would be built around one of the best Free agent signings Jerry has ever made that Bill and Jimmy couldn't steal the credit for. Prolly the best heavy metal bassist this team has ever had too.
  8. daveferr33

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    I'll take Zimmer over Ryan to run the 4-3.
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    '09 Miles Austin might edge out '06 Terry Glenn for me.
    Can I drop the FB in favor of another TE or something?
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  10. EST_1986

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    You have a 3-4 coach but a 4-3 roster
  11. theSHOW

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    Seems like you're missing a Dlineman or a Linebacker. Either way, I'd add Greg Ellis to the line, remove Aaron Glenn and either leave as is or move Ware to ROLB and move Dat to the second MLB spot.

    Otherwise it's hard to debate your list.

    Some notable exclusions from your list:

    Mike Jenkins '09
    Miles Austin '09
    Travis Frederick '13
    Julius Jones '06
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  13. JohnsKey19

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    I agree with you on the Jenkins('09) pick. Frederick had a good year but i still take Gurode's best year over Frederick's 2013 season. I also prefer Glenn over Austin's 2009 season. Austin had better numbers but Glenn(2006?) IMO is the better player. This is a tough one but Leonard Davis' first year here may have been better than Larry Allen in '04.
  14. landroverking

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    How many all pros? not just pro bowlers. And Rob Ryan what are you thinking? not for the 4-3.

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