2004 2nd pick, instead of Rogers...

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    Who would you have taken with pick number 52, now that Rogers appears to be a bust? Here is a list of player that were taken after Rogers and before Peterman in the third. Which one should have been a Cowboy?
    2nd round after Rogers:

    53 Seattle Michael Boulware SS Florida Satte
    54 Denver Darius Watts WR Marshall
    55 Jacksonville (from Green Bay) Greg Jones RB Florida State
    56 Cincinnati (from Miami thru New England) Madieu Williams FS Maryland
    57 Tennessee Anrwan Odom DE Alabama
    58 San Francisco (from Philadelphia) Cody Spencer LB North Texas
    59. Cleveland (from Indianapolis) Sean Jones FS Georgia
    60 New Orleans (from St. Louis) Courtney Watson LB Notre Dame
    61 Kansas City Kris Wilson TE Pittsburgh
    62 Carolina Keary Colbert WR Southern California
    63 New England Marquise Hill DE LSU

    Third round # TEAM PLAYER POS SCHOOL
    64 Arizona Darnell Dockett DT Florida State
    65 San Diego (from New York Giants) Nate Kaeding PK Iowa
    66 San Diego Nick Hardwick C Purdue
    67 Oakland Stuart Schweigert FS Purdue
    68 Indianapolis (from Cleveland) Ben Hartsock TE Ohio State
    69 Indianapolis (from Atlanta) Gilbert Gardner LB Purdue
    70 Green Bay (from Jacksonville) Joey Thomas CB Montana State
    71 Tennessee (from Houston) Randy Starks DT Maryland
    72 Green Bay (from from Washington thru Jacksonville) Donnell Washington DT Clemson
    73 Detroit Keith Smith CB McNeese State
    74 Buffalo Tim Anderson DT Ohio State
    75 Pittsburgh Max Starks OT Florida
    76 New York Jets Derrick Strait CB Oklahoma
    77 San Francisco Derrick Hamilton WR Clemson
    78 Chicago Bernard Berrian WR Fresno State
    79 Tampa Bay Marquis Cooper LB Washington
    80 Cincinnati Caleb Miller LB Arkansas
    81 Washington (from New Orleans) Chris Cooley TE Utah State
    82 Baltimore (from Minnesota) Devard Darling WR Washington State
    83 Dallas Stephen Peterman OG LSU
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    I had my eye on Darnell Dockett and Keary Colbert at that point but was very happy with acquiring Rogers.
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    geez, close your eyes and pick!
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    Randy Starks, Sean Jones, Kris Wilson, Marquise Hill (Spears Clone)
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    Colbert, Madieu Williams, Sean Jones, Chris Cooley.
  6. RonBurgandy31

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    and instead of Dwayne Goodrich id take:

    50 Detroit Barrett Green OLB West Virginia
    51 Tampa Bay Cosey Coleman G Tennessee
    52 Seattle Ike Charlton CB Virginia Tech
    53 Miami Todd Wade T Mississippi
    54 Kansas City William Bartee CB Oklahoma
    55 Minnesota Fred Robbins DT Wake Forest
    56 Minnesota Michael Boireau DE Miami
    57 Carolina Deon Grant FS Tennessee
    58 Buffalo Travares Tillman FS Georgia Tech
    59 Indianapolis Marcus Washington OLB Auburn
    60 Jacksonville Brad Meester C Northern Iowa
    61 Philadelphia Bobbie Williams G Arkansas
    62 St. Louis Jacoby Shepherd CB Oklahoma State

    Round 3
    Sel# Team Player Pos. School
    63 Cleveland Travis Prentice RB Miami, O.
    64 Washington Lloyd Harrison CB North Carolina State
    65 San Francisco Giovanni Carmazzi QB Hofstra
    66 Cincinnati Ron Dugans WR Florida State
    67 Atlanta Mark Simoneau MLB Kansas State
    68 Tennessee Erron Kinney TE Florida
    69 Chicago Dez White WR Georgia Tech
    70 Denver Chris Cole WR Texas A&M
    71 Arizona Darwin Walker DT Tennessee
    72 Pittsburgh Kendrick Clancy NT Mississippi
    73 N.Y. Giants Ron Dixon WR Lambuth
    74 Green Bay Steve Warren NT Nebraska
    75 Baltimore Chris Redman QB Louisville
    76 New England J.R. Redmond FB Arizona State
    77 Pittsburgh Hank Poteat CB Pittsburgh
    78 N.Y. Jets Laveranues Coles WR Florida State
    79 Cleveland JaJuan Dawson WR Tulane
    80 Seattle Darrell Jackson WR Florida
    81 Detroit Reuben Droughns FB Oregon
    82 Carolina Leander Jordan T Indiana, Pa.
    83 San Diego Damion McIntosh T Kansas State
    84 Miami Ben Kelly CB Colorado
    85 Kansas City Greg Wesley SS Arkansas-Pine Bluff
    86 San Francisco Jeff Ulbrich ILB Hawaii
    87 Chicago Dustin Lyman TE Wake Forest
    88 Minnesota Doug Chapman RB Marshall
    89 Buffalo Corey Moore OLB Virginia Tech
    90 Tampa Bay Nate Webster MLB Miami
    91 Indianapolis David Macklin CB Penn State
    92 Jacksonville T.J. Slaughter ILB Southern Mississippi
    93 Tennessee Byron Frisch DE Brigham Young
    94 St. Louis John St. Clair T Virginia
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    Word then was the Cowboys were eyeing Joey Thomas.

    I was liking Randy Starks and Keary Colbert.

    With hindsight, Madieu Williams would be nice but so would Keary Colbert even though Crayton has a chance to be as good imo.

    Experts were saying Darnell Dockett was an underachiever which scared me off, looks like they missed the boat on him.
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    Randy Starks or Madieu Williams, but I'm a Terps fan. That said, Starks is more of a 4-3 tackle and wouldn't especially fit in here anymore. Drafting him might have prevented drafting Spears or Canty the next year also. Williams would be starting at FS though.

    Slim pickings. Not too many guys have contributed much more than our surgery addict.
  9. Tristan

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    Madieu Williams, and then Shane Olivea (S.D. 7th) in the sixth.
  10. jumanji

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    love randy starks and madieu williams...also loved michael boulware
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    besides Boulware, isthat list that impressive?
  12. SuperSafety_31

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    give me Madieu Williams...FS solved...

    Wouldn't the NY Jets love a redo as well and take Emmitt instead of Blair Thomas...
  13. JBell523

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    hell yea it is... madieu williams was a beast last season for cincy.. He would be a nice FS for us... Sean Jones is lookin nice for CLE too @ safety though he was on IR last year. and yea Boulware is lookin good for SEA..

    3 nice young safeties we coulda had to pair up with Roy..
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    does it matter? it cant be undone

  15. AbeBeta

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    We aren't the only team crying about bust DBs from the 2000 draft. How's Rashard Anderson looking to Carolina (23rd overall). They picked him instead of Ahmad Plummer (one of the only decent CBs in that draft). 2000 was an awful year for CBs and we took 3 of them. We got lucky on Edwards.
  16. Eskimo

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    My preference would have been to take Justin Smiley with the pick we used to get Julius and then draft Julius with the #52 slot. I was really sure he was going to be available at the slot. A better option might have been to pick Smiley and then use a lower round pick to move up and secure Julius.

    In terms of the players drafted below Rogers, I wouldn't have minded Starks at all at that slot.
  17. Hiero

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    Keary Colbert!!!!!!!! man this guy is even better than I thought he would be when I was hoping we would take him.

    I was pretty excited as well when we took Rogers, he was exactly what we needed at the time, its a huge shame that it doesnt seem to be working out. :bang2:
  18. Sitting Bull

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    I actually wanted Peterman in the second (he was a fast-riser and had been mentioned as a possible 2nd rounder by some) or Joey Thomas from Montana State. Dockett was a talent but had a rep for being dumb, as I recall. I was surprised we took Rogers over Florida's Max Starks, who really dropped on draft day.
  19. jman

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    Yeah, yeah, yeah...I would have taken Marino...I would have taken Montana...

    But to answer your question...
    63 New England Marquise Hill DE LSU - He was a monster at LSU. What has he done so far?...I have no idea.


    71 Tennessee (from Houston) Randy Starks DT Maryland...So now what?
  20. Bob Sacamano

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    Madieu Williams, we would have our starting FS, hindsight is 20/20!

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