2004 Draft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Nors, Oct 3, 2008.

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    2004 draft! Starting to shake out

    Coyles list

    Fitzgerald - grades ok pick
    Gallery - Bust
    Manning - Super Bowl and solid pick
    Taylor - Dead - RIP
    Winslow - medical and off field issues hit/miss
    Roy Williams - being shopped - another Millen bust at WR
    Wilfork - solid value pick
    Roeth - QB gem pick
    Hall - near bust
    Jackson - RB below expectations
    Vilma - value pick
    Losman - Bust
    Straight - lol don't draft Okie secondary!
    Woods - Bust
    M. Hill - Dead - RIP
    Evans - stud pick
    Rogers, Peterson, Jones - Gut punch and we could have landed Law for Rogers :bang2:
    D Williams - Nice steal
    Batman Carroll - Bust
    M Turner - SOD
  2. dmoore

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    Inform me. How's Roy Williams a bust? I must be missing something.
  3. Nors

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    For that high a draft pick to being shopped/traded near bust.

    Furrey/ McDonald squeezing him out says it all.
  4. tomson75

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    Another legendary thread of gayness by Nors. Congrats. Law is now entering god status.
  5. DaBoys4Life

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    How is Jackson below expectations ?
  6. dmoore

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    He's being shopped because his contract is up and DET can't keep him, not because he's a *bust*. They might as well get something for him, because they're terrible and need to get some pieces for the future.
  7. Nors

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    If he was any where near great they would franchise or pay him. Thanks for making my point. Bust
  8. big dog cowboy

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    That would be correct
    Who is saying they won't?
  9. BrAinPaiNt

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    Well you point might be better made if it were not the lions with another franchise WR on their roster. Is Roy Williams all that...no, but he is not a bust either.

    Quit being a drama queen and I noticed you had to throw in your agenda again with Law.

    Good lord you must be a Masochist.
  10. silverbear

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    Once again, you demonstrate that you know absolutely nothing about pro football...

    Roy is being shopped for two perfectly good reasons:

    1) He's an unrestricted free agent after this season, and unless the Lions are willing to franchise him, he's unlikely to re-sign with Detroit... so they might as well try to get something for him now, before they lose him for nothing...

    2) The Lions are highly unlikely to franchise Roy, because they're deep at WR, and have serious needs in MANY other places, and need cap room to address those needs (and an extra pick or two would help that process along too)...

    Oh, sweet Jay-sus... there you go again...

    Furrey has all of 8 catches for 52 yards this year, for 0 TDs... that's a 6.5 YPC average... McDonald has 11 catches for 65 yards, again for 0 TDs... that's a 6.1 YPC average... their play isn't "squeezing" ANYBODY out...

    Meanwhile, Roy has 15 catches for 209 yards and 1 TD... all by himself, he has 82 more yards than Furrey and McDonald COMBINED... and 1 more TD...

    Roy has also started all 4 games for the Lions, while Furrey and McDonald have each started 1... clearly, he's not being "squeezed out" by either one of them... he's the second leading receiver on the Lions, behind Calvin Johnson...

    Neither Furrey nor McDonald can do what Roy does, they're both smallish slot receivers... Roy is the big, downfield receiver, the chains mover, as evidenced by his 14.8 YPC average, and the fact that 178 of his 260 catches have gone for first downs... in addition, over a quarter of his career catches (66) have gone for 20 yards or more, and 1 catch in 20 has gone for 40 or more...

    McDonald has an 11.8 YPC average, 3 yards less than Roy's, and only 1 in 7 of his career 196 catches have gone for 20 or more, and he has just 2 career catches over 40... he has 10 TD catches in 196 catches, 1 in every 19.6, compared to Roy's 29 in 260 catches, 1 in every 9.0...

    Furrey has a career 10.6 YPC average, 4.2 yards less than Roy's, and only 7 TD catches in 188 career receptions, 1 in every 26.9... IOW, Roy is 3 times more likely to take one of his receptions to the house... Furrey has 12 catches of 20 yards or more in those 188, 1 in every 15.7, and just ONE catch over 40...

    IOW, Furrey and McDonald are smallish possession receivers who are at their best working out of the slot, and they are NOT downfield threats... bluntly, neither one can carry Roy's jock...

    At the same time, they are both quite serviceable slot receivers, and along with the presence of a brilliant feature receiver like Calvin Johnson, are enough to make Roy expendable, in the Lions' quest to upgrade the rest of their roster...

    If you knew ANYTHING about football-- which you obviously don't-- you wouldn't be so profoundly ASININE as to suggest that either one of them is anywhere close to as good as Roy Williams is...

    It really is ridiculous, watching you constantly try to tear down a receiver who averages over 70 catches for every 16 games played, and nearly 1050 yards for every 16 games played... all this while playing with some highly marginal quarterbacks...

    The ONLY knock on Roy, and it's a legitimate one, is that he seems to get nicked up a lot... yes, he drops some balls, but ALL NFL receivers have their drops... TO isn't immune to that problem either...

    It's my belief that in a good offensive system, Roy Williams could give you 80-90 catches in a season, for around 1200 yards, and about 10 TDs...
  11. joseephuss

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    That is pure speculation that Law could have been had for the pick Dallas used to get Rogers. And even if Dallas could have gotten Law it would not have changed anything. He does not elevate Dallas to a Superbowl. He probably does not make the defense any better than it has been since that 2004 draft.

    How is Fitzgerald rate as an Ok pick, but Lee Evans gets labeled a stud? To me they are both studs. Fitzgerald has over 100 more receptions, close to 900 more yards and 7 more TDs.
  12. DaBoys4Life

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    I think Evans is a stud however Larry Fitz is a super stud.

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