2006-2007 Cowboys Potential Cinderella Story?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Apollo Creed, Feb 13, 2006.

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    It starts from the top... If Dallas were to make a run in 2006, 2007, maybe 2008. This would be a writer's dream.

    Jerry Jones is used to winning, and here we are ten years removed from our last title. He was spoiled in the 90s, and right about now I'm sure he thinks we're due.

    Bill Parcells is certainly at his last stop, and I'm sure he'd love nothing better than to kill the "can't win without Bill Belichick" talk. What a way for him to go out with another ring, and bringing America's Team back to the top.

    Drew Bledsoe has all the competions, yards, TDs, and none of this means anything unless he can get a ring on his own. He has the one from NE, but I'm sure he'll want an Elway-like exit.

    Keyshawn Johnson is similar to Bledsoe, he has Hall Of Fame statistics... He's worked hard and taken on roles that most receivers would never consider doing (Yet, you never hear him complain) His ring in Tampa is unjustified, and he'd love nothing more than to go out with a ring or two on his finger from Dallas and with his ole boy Bill.

    Terry Glenn was brought in to be a solid receiver, and him getting a ring under BP would really push up to the next level. Taking him from a solid NFL receiver, to a potential H.O.F. caliber player.

    Larry Allen sure would love to go out on top as a Boy and get rewarded for these past ten years of torture. Aaron Glenn's career is winding down as well, and considering he's one of Parcell's boys he'd love to get one while in Dallas.

    Greg Ellis, LaRoi Glover, Dan Campbell - all these guys have worked hard and their time spent in Big D has been difficult. They need a ring.

    This has potential to be a great story, and if Dallas starts to make a serious playoff push next year... The writers are going to eat this up. Elway's story was great, but I think if we make the necessary moves this offseason we can make a serious run and watch BP, Bledsoe, Keyshawn, etc. ride off into the sunset giving Dallas an NFL best 6th Super Bowl title.

    It seems like fate if ya ask me, hah.
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    How exactly are they going to get a ring if we win the superbowl? Seeing that they'll all likely be somewhere else.
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    Thats why I threw them together... Didn't wanna comment too much on some guys who might not be wearing a star.
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    These are great feel good stories, but what are your suggestions for getting the team to that point?

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