2006 Cowboys: Clueless - Headed for 9-7?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Boyzmamacita, Dec 25, 2006.

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    - Romo's worst game by far. Some drops, but also some horrible throws and decisions

    - No running game whatsoever! JuJo was ineffective and MBIII was never given a chance after the first quarter

    - The O-line is putrid! Penalties and an inability to pass block or run block

    - The receivers (WRs and TEs) are too inconsistent. Many weapons, but they don't always show up. Witten, Glenn, TO and Crayton all disappear for stretches at a time. And don't start me on TO's drops. They've been overemphasized, but who knows what effect some of those missed opportunities would've have on our overall record? We'll never know.


    - No pass rush whatsover!

    - No ballhawking mentality

    - No pass rush whatsover!

    - Too many missed tackles

    - No pass rush whatsover!

    - Slow linebackers (except Ware who can't do it alone)

    - No pass rush whatsover!

    - Horrendous coverage ability (Even Newman has slipped a bit)

    - No pass rush whatsover!


    - Austin doesn't protect the ball well and we paid a price today (now he seems afraid to run as hard)

    - TNew makes a lot of sweet moves only to come up with a few yards. His production doesn't justify the potential injury to our best cover corner


    - The team seems unprepared, starting slow each week and having to adjust on the fly. This allows the opposition to dictate the game to us instead of vice versa.

    - Questionable calls and game management from week to week, especially on offense

    - The read and react (or whatever it is) on defense ain't working

    Overall, this team has no killer instinct or sense of urgency until it's too late and then it's too late and it looks like it's too late. A home game against an archrival with the division title and possible a bye week on the line - and this team fails to show up. Pathetic.
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    well BP hasnt won 10 games or more in Back to back season since 1989 so to ask this shell of BP to win 10 games ina single season may be a bit much!!!
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    :hammer: a million times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    The Cowboys will beat Detroit to finish 10-6. In the playoffs they will be one and done probably lossing to Seattle.
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    Unfortunately, I agree with you.

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